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A Guide for International Students

Dear international students,
You have made one of the best decisions of your life to join Central Asia’s number one English language technical university Kazak-British Technical University (KBTU). We will be delighted to accept you as a new member of the KBTU Community and are waiting to welcome you to Kazakhstan, the heart of Eurasia and the land of warmth and hospitality. We are located in the picturesque city of Almaty, which means big apple.

We are here to help, assist and guide you from your journey from home to your new home for study; the fabulous Kazakhstan.

So let us guide you step by step on how to get enrolled on a KBTU program, complete the visa processand eventually arrive to Kazakhstan and join KBTU as a valued international student.

1: Admission/Enrollment.

Our highly qualified and experienced deans, program leaders, the admission office and of course the International Cooperation Department (ICD) will advise you on each step of your enrollment process in our schools. Please click the link to find out more about the admission criteria, fee structure and the enrolment process.
2: Visa 
Once you are accepted as a student, KBTU’s ICDwill send you an invitation letter with a specific number issued by the Immigration Services within 5 working days. You will submit the invitation letter along with your passport to your nearest Kazakhstan Embassy to obtain a student visa. After receiving the visa you can prepare to travel to Almaty.    
3: Accommodation
We strongly advise you to arrange your accommodation beforehand. KBTU has a state of the art modern and secure student dormitory but spaces could be limited therefore you need to apply for a place in the Dormitory along with your admission application. However, if you could not find a place in the Dorm, you can find several economical options in Almaty. The ICD can assist you in finding a shared or independent apartment.
4: Arrival
Please inform us about your exact arrival plan---Day, date, time, airline, flight number. Upon your arrival in Kazakhstan, you will fill a small form that will be given to you in the airplane or you can find it near the immigration counter window. Fill the form and join other waiting passengers.On your turn submit your passport and the completed small form. Aborder force officer will stamp your passport and you will leave the counter to collect your luggage.
5: Your First Day at KBTU
On your first day you will be welcomed at the main entrance of the KBTU building.One of our staff will brief you about your rights and obligations;they will answer your questions and will provide guidance/ advice on any other matter. You will submit your passport that will be returned to you after your registration with the immigration authorities.

  1. Please bring the following documents:
    • An original passport (or residence card, if any)
    • Your high school certificate (for undergraduate students).  Bachelor or Masters degrees diplomas (for postgraduate students). All academic certificates/diplomas/degrees must be legalized/apostilled by the foreign ministry of your country.
    • Three 3x4 photos
    • Medical certificate and AIDS Test Certificate(valid for one month at the time of submission).

We will also need:

  1. Your contact information: Your address in Almaty, home and mobile phone numbers, e-mail; please inform the ICD in case of any changes in your contact details.
  2. Once you are in Almaty you will need to obtain a new medical certificate after taking a chest x-ray and AIDS Test. A specialist at the ICD will guide you.
  3. After your arrival in Almaty you will also need an individual identification number that is required for opening a bank account here. The ICD Office will advise you on how to get the Individual Identification Number.
  4. During your course of study you must check the term of validity of your passport.

Important Note

Foreign students must abide all laws and regulation of Kazakhstan applicable to foreign residents, including foreign students. A student bears the responsibility for breaking or abusing any law/laws of Kazakhstan that also include financial fraud, fine or any other liability.

Students are responsible for paying all their living costs (rent, utilities, bills) and other expenses on time.

We hope the above information is helpful.

ICD Team.