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KBTU International Cooperation Department 


KBTU is Central Asia’s only English language entrepreneurial technical university and the engine for scientific research, innovation and economic growth in the region covering the Shanghai Corporation Organization (SCO) member states and East Europe.   


To build knowledge bridges in the SCO region by forging academic linkages and professional alliances, and by educating and training workforce and professionals to cater the needs of businesses & industries and other sectors in the SCO region and beyond. 


To maintain our position as the sole international hub of world class technical education and research & innovation in Central Asia. Also expand our reach by building strategic alliances and partnerships with variety of organizations, institutions and other players and stakeholders at local, regional and international level. The International Cooperation Department (ICD) works very closely with all KBTU schools and programs in meeting our international activity targets such as international accreditation of our programs, international student recruitment, staff and student mobility under various programs and in building international partnerships.

Our Priorities:

a) Enhancing the quality and academic standards.

Internally the ICD coordinates with the KBTU Quality Management Office and ensures that internal quality assurance and enhancement system and mechanisms are in place, practiced, monitored and reviewed. Externally we coordinate with international accreditation bodies, ranking agencies and seek the assistance of quality experts in reviewing and maintaining the quality of our academic programs and processes on par with the international standards.

b) Diversifying the Student Body

Since KBTU is the leader in technical and scientific education and research in the Central Asian region, we are focusing on recruiting international students from the Central Asian states. We are also reaching to markets in the other member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). At the same time we are part of various student exchange programs with many European universities (Link to student exchange/mobility page). We are in the process of developing diverse marketing and recruiting strategies for each of the target markets.   
c) International Partnerships and Linkages

Our international linkages strategy has the following key features.

1: We are keen to build academic, professional and business partnerships in technical and scientific fields with academic and research institutions, corporate businesses and industries as well as government organizations in the SCO member countries. We will be building partnerships with similar, equal and even smaller institutions and will transform KBTU into a center of academic excellence and scientific research for the entire region. We believe in two way cooperation, exchanges and collaborations.

2:  Kazakhstan is part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) therefore building partnerships and linkages with European institutions is also our priority. We have established a meaningful and all encompassing professional relationship with Italy’s energy giant Eni and leading Italian academic and professional institutions. This is just one of the many examples of our successful linkages with international businesses and industry, which are relevant to our specializations and expertise. KBTU is part of various student mobility and staff exchange programs under Erasmus+ and other European programs. We have partnerships with several universities in Europe (Link to partner universities’ page). We will further enhance and expand our collaboration with European institutions and bodies.    

3: Due to our shared history and connection with Great Britain, KBTU has established mutually beneficial and successful partnerships with British institutions such as British Council and the University of London. We are the only university in Central Asia offering University of London’s degrees in Kazakhstan. In future we will start more dual degree programs with a number of British universities.

d) Vocational and Professional Training

We have technical expertise, advanced and state of the art scientific laboratories and facilities, this make KBTU an ideal place for short-term vocational training programs and executive education. We offer training programs and modules for the staff of public and private sector organizations/businesses in Kazakhstan and the surrounding countries in areas such as IT, energy, geology, petroleum and chemical engineering and other fields.

e) Research Collaboration

We are engaged in several research projects and have developed various patents.  We are very keen in international research collaborations in the areas of our expertise and specialization. (Link to Research  pages).

f) Business Development and Industrial Links

We have exceptionally strong links with business and industry.  Businesses know that KBTU cater to the needs of business and industry. It is our strengths that has helped us to become the entrepreneurial university in the region.

The Institute of Engineering and Information Technologies of the Kazakh-British Technical University LLP (hereinafter IEIT) is an advanced domestic company with 15 years of experience in solving complex problems in three key areas of activity:

  • The Center for Information Technologies implements, maintains and develops information systems, technologies and services to support production processes for any industrial organization;
  • The Corporate Training Center provides educational services based on diagnosing the needs of companies for training and staff development;
  • The Center for Multimedia Technologies is a unique integrated provider of services for the development of virtual training simulators, computer effects in film production and graphics in advertising and TV.