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How to get to Almaty

Подпись:  Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan and the country’s main business hub. Everyday thousands of passengers, including international passengers, use Almaty’s modern international airport. World’s major airlines operate daily flights to and from Almaty to destinations around the globe. There are direct flights from New Delhi, Istanbul, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Moscow, Tashkent and most of the destinations in Europe, North America and Asia.
Almaty is located in the foothills of Tia Shan Mountains here winters are very cold and summers could be warm to mildly hot. Snowfall often starts in mid-November. From December to February snowfall occurs and the average temperature for those months is -10 centigrade but on some days in January and February temperatures could fall to -25 and even -30. You need warm clothes, shoes, hats and gloves for winter season.Almaty city administration clears the streets and takes other safety measures to protect citizens from accidents during winters. Still, special care is required while walking on ice.  During March to Mid-June the weather is pleasant in Almaty with flowers all around. However, July and August could be hot when temperature rises to 35 centigrade. Due to the surrounding mountains and lot of trees it can feel stuffy in July and August. The weather turns pleasant in September and the autumn is full of colors—very beautiful.     

Kazakh and Russian are the main languages of communication in the daily life. But some people understand English the number of such people is increasing. During your stay and study in Kazakhstan we recommend learning basic Kazakh and Russian languages.

If you choose not to stay in the KBTU Student Dormitory, or if places are not available in the Dormitory, you can rent a private apartment for yourself or share it with other students. Plenty of choices and options are on the offering. There and many estate agents and online sources offering affordable housing in Almaty.

Almaty has good public transport system with thousands of buses running on various city routes. A single bus fare is 150 KZT (50 cents) but weekly and monthly bus passes are available and are cheaper. There is a modern metro service in the City Center. Besides, any car can be a taxi. Students use private cars as taxis and share the fare.

There is a main student cafeteria inside KBTU offering variety of freshly cooked dishes. There is a coffee shop and several small food-counters in the University where students can eat and purchase snacks. Two student cafes are also located at KBTU Dormitory.  There are several cheap restaurants and food outlets around KBTU and the Dormitory where students can eat. Almaty is famous for its popular and trendy cafes and restaurants offering tasty and exotic food and drinks.        


Health Services
We have a Medical Center inside KBTU where a qualified doctor and nursing staff provide health care and advice to students and staff. There are several large general and specialized public hospitals as well as many private medical and dental clinics in the city offering high level of medical care.  Thousands of pharmacies are located in all parts of the City. 


Almaty has many big and small shopping malls which have modern superstores while small grocery stores are around every street corner. Green Bazar is City’s major market where fresh vegetables, dairy products and meat are available. There are numerous other shops in the Green Bazar selling clothes, shoes and other household things. Besides the Green Bazar there are other such bazars in various parts of the City. 


Sports and Entertainment

There are hundreds of gyms, public parks and walking tracks in Almaty. Separate cycling tracks are along all the main streets. People often go to the nearby mountains for skiing, hiking and tracking.  There is a historical theatre and many concert halls. Cinemas are in all parts of the City. Almaty is also famous for its nightlife with many famous and popular nightclubs and bars.

Safety and Security
Almaty is a multicultural city where people of various ethnicities and cultures live side by side in peace and harmony.  It is a very safe city for all people. The Police and City Administration monitor most locations with the help of security cameras. In the spring and summer people stay out till late and sit in parks, cafes and bars without any fear.  Street festivals and musical concerts are common in the summer season.