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Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Education scholarships and other Grants

The Ministry of Education and Science, the Republic of Kazakhstan, offers state educational scholarships to Kazakhstani students who apply for technical and chemical specialties. These Scholarships are awarded on the basis of Unified National Testing (UNT) score. For admission in the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) and Kazakhstan Maritime Academy (KMA) programs, applicants have to pass a mandatory internal examination first following that they can apply for the State Scholarships.  

For admission to economic specialties, students can get 25% to 100% discount in the tuition fee in form of scholarships provided by KAZENERGY Company. 


ABAI-VERN Scholarship Program

The Government of France invites citizens of Kazakhstan to participate in the Abay Vern scholarship program. The Abay-Vern scholarship scheme is part of an agreement between the Ministry of Education and

Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of the French Republic.

Under this program, 100 grants are provided, of which 90 are grants for undergraduates of the second year of study and 10 grants for doctoral students studying at Kazakhstani higher educational institutions.

For more information please contact the Department of International Cooperation via email.

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