The KBTU Student Government (KSG) is the elected body of KBTU students. Every fulltime KBTU student automatically becomes a member of the KSG and is eligible to vote in the elections. The KSG elections are held once a year during which the KBTU students elect their representatives. 
The KSG represents all students of the KBTU and voices students’ concerns on matters that student consider  important. The KSG monitors the quality of services provided to the students such as dining services, dormitories, libraries and educational programs). The Student Body conveys student complaints to the University management through the Office of Student Affairs and also coordinates and assists in the disciplinary work. The KSG also works with the student clubs in the promotion and implementation of their projects and activities.

Student Government members for 2018-2019 academic year:​

JV Chair Man - Ilyas Yermekovich Tkishev (FENGHI, 4th year). Vice-Chair Man - Isimov Alikhan Daurenovi (NOCHI, 4 year). Vice-Chair Man - Aidasheva Anel Ruslanovna (BS, 4 year).

Chair Mans of Student Government (KSG)

Oljas Shaimerdenov (ISE)
KSG Chair Man 2014-2016 

Oljas Esengeldy (ISE)
KSG Chair Man 2016-2017

Artem Ha (BS)
KSG Chair Man 2017-2018

Iliyas Tkishev (FEOGI)
KSG Chair Man 2018-2019