Advanced Materials and Technologies

The mission of the laboratory - implementation of basic, applied and other scientific researches in oil and gas, mining and petrochemical sectors, holding physico-chemical, chemical, and chemical-analytical tests of samples according to the declared field of accreditation, providing qualitative laboratory services. We use advanced technology to increase performance and efficiency all stages of research, analytical development and control provided service quality.

Trial Laboratory "Advanced Materials and Technologies" aims to:
- To create favorable conditions for employees, allowing to develop professional quality, for provide realization of their creative potential;
- Effectively use of capabilities of the laboratory for preparation of undergraduate and doctoral students;
- To develop the scientific potential of employees, masters and PhD-students of the University through participation in basic and applied research in priority areas of research activity;
- Improve the scientific groundwork of the laboratory through publish research results in journals with impact factor and obtaining innovative patents.

Trial Laboratory "Advanced Materials and Technologies" was established in 2012 on the basis of Research laboratory.

Trial laboratory "Advanced Materials and Technologies" (AMT) passed the accreditation process of Kazakhstan in 2013. AMT has a sertification of ISO/1EC17025:2005 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories (IDT)” from 25 April 2013. (Аccreditation certificate KZ.И.02.1380 of April 25, 2013).

The aim of AMT to improve the quality of products. The TL provides reliability obtained results. The trial laboratory provides reliability obtained results. The main activity of AMT ,according to the statement of accreditation ,is sampling and conducting physical, chemical and chemical analytical probation of test objects, аh also the research and development work on the priorities of " Deep thorough revision raw material and production". During the experiments the mathing of test prodects the regulatory requirements documents of Kazakhstan.

The scope of accreditation of AMT:
• ore
• soils
• drinking and natural water;
• Wastewater
• Ambient air, are of the working zone;
• Crude oil and petroleum products

Archive (database of completed projects) / publications:
1. "Development of the fundamental prerequisites for development of the hydrometallurgical processes extracting non-ferrous metals from metal containing raw materials for purpose to create the foundations of innovative technology." 
2. «Development of high technology of extracting non-ferrous metals from very hard-resistant materials and issuing of technological regulations».

Current projects / researches:
1. “Development of an innovative technology for enhancing the extraction of uranium from difficult ores by sulfuric acid leaching”
2. “The development of the fundamentals of hydrometallurgical processes aimed at improving the efficiency of extracting metals from the complex and low-grade raw”.
Publications: obtained 4 patent RK, published 9 articles, 13 reports and abstracts in national and international conferences.

Possibility of participation (master and doctorate)
In basic an

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