Oil and gas engineering and pipleline transport


Promoting the competitiveness of domestic goods, works and services.

General Description

Established in accordance with the decision of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan №633 of June 25, 2005 in order for System Studies of issues and develop proposals for the development of oil and gas equipment production. Order of the MINT RK №243 from 24 July 2012 on the list of consulting companies.

Current projects / studies:

1. The development of information technology increase the efficiency of subsoil in investment..
2. Improving the regulatory and methodological basis of information support of the implementation of investment in modern conditions.
3. Creation of an industrial prototype and development of intelligent 3D technology - Printing complex hardware.
4. Development of technology for the production of innovative type stabilizers and others.

Grants received SRC: research contracts with various government and commercial organizations (MES, Kazkosmos, Kazakhstan Institute of Industry Development, JSC "Intergas Central Asia" and others), including:
• Marketing and market research enterprises of mechanical engineering for mining and oil and gas industry, the prospects for their further development using carbide metal (rare and rare earth) of domestic production.
• Analysis of the prospects for the introduction of new technologies and equipment in the machine-building enterprises for the production of products for the extractive industries. 
• Development of recommendations to improve the definition of the origin of goods and services in order to improve the calculation of Kazakhstan content.
• Technological audit of enterprises in order to develop systematic measures of modernization of enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
• Identification of niche products of engineering industry.
• Development of the structural model, the choice of economic and mathematical models of objects and situational space industry, methods for their implementation with the use of special software.
• Establishment of a technological basis for modeling situations when changing the functional characteristics of the objects of "Baikonur" complex, taking into account: the failure of modernization and diversification of the individual objects.. 
• Development of conceptual proposals on the use of CALS-technologies in order to create an integrated information environment to create conditions for effective development of the space industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
• Research and development of information technology increasing the functional literacy of students of engineering specialties, based on the principles of CALS and QMS.
• Research and development in the gas sector: development of a comprehensive method for assessing exposure to areas of gas pipeline stress corrosion, and others.

The SRC structure includes:

Engineering laboratory of collective use «CALS-technology" " (automated information support and management of the life cycle of technology products for various purposes at all stages of their life cycle)
The main activities:
• pre-design research, design, modeling work conditions, production drawings, the development of electronic repair technical documentation, organization of production and service of automated ( "smart") equipment; • creation of intelligent jobs;
• Development of interactive learning systems;
• updating of technical documentation;
• R & D and the creation of pilot plants for different purposes;
• bines analysis processes and their optimization, integration and complex automation. 
Creating a laboratory approved by the decision of the Higher Scientific and Technical Commission of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 29, 2007 № 24-5 / 007-526. Profile is defined by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan from March 15, 2007 №120. List of equipment and major works and services approved by the Working Group of the Ministry of Education and Science (Protocol of 25 May 2007)

Mobile Laboratory 3D Scanning and Printing: accumulation database of three-dimensional digital images of undocumented objects, optional equipment, etc. in order to expedite the preparation of the electronic design and engineering, manufacturing and repair documentation.

Experimental field of electrical equipment: Development, testing, and debugging devices and electrical appliances (electronics, power electronics) et al., Demanded the domestic oil and gas industry.

Hardware & Software 
The basic structure of the equipment and software includes server hardware, workstations, software and hardware system based on high-end software systems, 3D -skaner. vehicle electrical equipment and other.