Oilfield and colloid chemistry

The aim of the Laboratory

The study of the rheological behavior of oil disperse systems in order to determine the mechanism of their formation depending on the component composition of oil; conducting applied research in the field of oil and gas industry, namely, the development of innovative solutions for the development of advanced chemicals and special purpose of their application in the process of production, gathering, processing and transportation of oil.


To solve the scientific problems related to the use of chemicals and technologies in the oil and gas industry to conduct a market analysis on the use and consumption of chemicals in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Based on market research to determine priorities for the research work of the laboratory in the field of development of new import-substituting chemicals and technologies for the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan.

Research projects carried out in the laboratory for 2007-2011:.

Completed project on the budget program 055 "Fundamental and applied scientific research" on the program: "The development of nanoscience and nanotechnologies in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2007- 2009" on the theme: "Development of management principles and rheological characteristics of the low-temperature anomalies oils using multi-purpose nanostructured compositions " funding for 6 452 thousand. tenge. Depressants new synthesized by modification of engineering polymers and copolymers of vinyl-based monomers exhibiting high effectiveness to improve rheological characteristics and low-temperature properties of abnormal oils.
In 2011, in the framework of the memorandum between JSC KBTU and JSC "NC" KazMunayGas "and its subsidiaries JSC" Exploration Production "JSC" KazTransOil "Laboratory participated in the presentation of the development and implementation of research projects at their production sites. The implementation of these R & D projects planned since 2012.
"Selection for the preparation of oil emulsion breakers Makat East and North Zholdybai", the period of performance 2012-2013 years).
"Development and implementation of multi-functional - depressant and dispersant additives to improve the flow and prevent paraffin precipitation of oil fields in the South Turgai Trough transported by pipelines of JSC" KazTransOil ", the period of performance 2012-2014 years).
According to the results of laboratory research laboratory staff published 1 textbook, 16 articles, three abstracts at international conferences, received 3 innovative patent for the invention of the Republic of Kazakhstan.