Applied geology

Development and introduction of resource-efficient technologies and techniques for the management of natural resources and deep processing of raw materials and products.
Name of the laboratory: 
Scientific Research Laboratory «Applied Geology".
Korobkin V.V., PhD, Associate professor of the department of "Geology and Physics of the Earth."
Tripolski Viktor Pavlovich, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Senior Researcher;
Tulemisova Jamal Serikovna, Researcher, M.Sc;
Dobrovol'skaya Elena, Researcher;
Zhalel Meirkhan Bauyrzhanuly specialist;
Mamyt Darina Nurmankyzy specialist;
Tursanova Assiya Yerzhanova specialist
Scientific research and education in the sphere of geology and exploration of mineral deposits.
To perform R & D on the concluded agreements and contracts, participation in grant programs supporting research.
1) Various types of geological and geophysical work (conducting and interpretation of materials of geological and geophysical surveys, documentation, testing and mining wells);
2) The study of the material composition of rocks and ores (mineralogical and petrographic and complex analytical research types);
3) R & D expertise, review of reports, projects, publications;
4) Teaching students practical methods of execution of geological and geophysical work in the field and laboratory conditions.
Direction of the research: 
Various thematic geological and geophysical studies in the sphere of metallic and nonmetallic, exploration and Applied Geology.
Laboratory software with help analytical studies are carried out:
1. Polarization Microscope Leica;
2. Polarizing Microscope POLAM P312 with Digital Camera
3. The Stereoscopic Microscope MBS-10
4. Universal Grinding and Cutting Machine SUSHI-150M
5. The Stone-Cutting Machine SSC-3
6. The Proton Magnetometer MMPG-1 
7. Muffle furnace with a weighing system LHT 04/17 SW.
Operation Systems:
Windows HPC Server 2008 R2;
Specialised software: 
Land Mark - ZMAP GeoData Management; 
1. Participation in the development and implementation of plans and programs for scientific, experimental and educational activity programs of the University. 
2. Participation in development of new scientific ways of development of the University. 
3. Organization and conduction research, scientific-methodological and experimental work.
4. Preparation and submission of applications for participation of JSC KBTU in the tender procedures for the procurement of research projects / activities in Laboratory services areas.
5. Coordination of contracts for the procurement of works / activities on the profile of the Laboratory service concluded with customers, reacting with subcontractors work under agreements, control for the timely performance of their obligations.
6. Examination of research projects, the results of research and experimental and innovative activities, concepts and science development projects.
Research work for the period 2015-2017, grant funding:
1. Project name: «Development of technology for the production of lightweight aggregates for concrete from offal igneous rocks and production of heat insulation materials from the mineral».
2. Name of the theme of the project: «Development of the survey and assessment criteria searches and prospects of opening new gold deposits in northern Kazakhstan (Stepnyak and Aksu Baylyustinsk areas) ».
3. Targeted funding program, by priority: Information telecommunication technologies, the theme: "Development of satellite imagery data processing methods and software module to predict oil and gas potential and conduct survey and assessment work in the sedimentary basins of Kazakhstan."