United Academic Council

United Academic Council is a form of collective management, created to address the issues of research, educational, educational and methodological activities.

United Academic Council is established to ensure a high quality of implementation of the scientific and educational process.
In its activities, United Academic Council is guided by the Law "On Education", "On Science", other normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the sphere of science and education.

Structure United Academic Council formed of officials, heads of departments, representatives of the teaching staff, research workers. United Scientific Council on a mandatory basis are Rector, vice-rectors, deans of faculties and heads of legal entities - subsidiaries.

Chairperson of the United Academic Council is the Rector or a person appointed by the Rector. The substituent (s), chairman of the United Scientific Council shall be appointed by the Rector and serves as the Chairman in his absence. Members of the United Academic Council is approved by order of the Rector. Organizational support for the work United Scientific Council of the responsibility of the Chief Scientific Secretary. It organizes and coordinates the work on the preparation and implementation of the United Academic Council.

United Academic Council: Defines the concept of development of the university. Makes decisions concerning the organization of educational process, according to working curriculum, schedules of educational process, academic calendars.

Reviews and recommends questions: 
  • organizational, methodological and logistical support of educational and scientific processes;
  • improvement of qualification and retraining of personnel; 
  • transferring the students, graduate students training at the expense of the state educational order (to free up space);
  • granting sabbaticals to prepare theses, preparation and publication of monographs, scientific and pedagogical workers;
  • the opening of dissertation councils, their professions and personal composition;

Reviews and approves the plans and reports on educational, research and educational work of the faculties and institutes, departments, research laboratories and other departments directly related to the educational and scientific processes KBTU considers the reports on the activities of other departments of the University.
Determines the composition and terms of office of the competition committee for competitions for positions of scientific and pedagogical staff.
Sets the title of honorary professor of the University employees, outstanding scientists, public and political figures.
Petition before the authorized state body on conferring academic degrees associate professor (senior lecturer) and professor.
Decides on the establishment and elimination of departments and research laboratories;
Recommends candidates from KBTU employees to participate in the competition for the International Scholarship of the President of Kazakhstan "Bolashak";
Recommends that the candidate for the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan grants, state scholarships as well as scholarships, established by other individuals and organizations, in the prescribed manner;
Review and approve the publication of monographs and textbooks.
Takes the decision to open magistracy, doctoral studies.
Approves the theme of master's theses, determines the composition of the State Certification Commission for receiving state examinations and the master's thesis.
Approves nominations supervisors, topics of research masters and doctoral.
Approves the report on the work of admissions for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral studies.

Structure of United Academic Council

Full name. Position
  Chairman of the Scientific Council:  
1. Beisembetov Iskander Kalybekovich Rector
2. Zhurinov Murat Zhurinovich General Director of JSC "Institute of Fuel, Catalysis and Electrochemistry named after DV Sokolsky, "Managing Director of Science KBTU
  The members of the Scientific Council:  
3. Barmagambetov Bakhytzhan Ziyaudinovich И.о. Vice-Rector for Strategic Development of the Kazakh NRTU
4. Rinat Iskakov Maratovich Acting Vice-Rector for educational-methodical work and international cooperation Kazakh NRTU, head of NEC KBTU Chemical Engineering
5. Orunkhanov Murat Kadesovich Vice-Rector for postgraduate education Kazakh NRTU
6. Kenzhaliyev Bagdaulet Kenzhalievich President of JSC "Center of Earth Sciences, Metallurgy and Enrichment", Vice-Rector for innovation activities KBTU
7. Yuriy Viktorovich Loktionov Vice-Rector for postgraduate education and international projects KBTU
8. Umarov Timur Faridovich Acting Vice-Rector for Academic and Information Technology KBTU, dean of the Faculty of Information Technology KBTU
9. Abakanov Tanatkan Doskaraevich President of JSC "National Center for Seismological Observation and Research"
10. Absametov Malis Kudysovich Director of "Institute of Hydrogeology and Geoecology after U.M. Ahmedsafina "
11. Alipbaev Daniyar Dauletovich General Director of "INIIT KBTU" LLP
12. Dzhusipbekov Umirzak Zhumasilovich First Deputy General Director of JSC "IPC after A.B. Bekturova "
13. Ergozhin Edil Ergozhaevich General Director of JSC "IPC after A.B. Bekturova
14. Kozhabekov Dastan Bayuzakovich The Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC "NTC" Parasat "
15. Medeu Ahmetkal Rahmetullaevich Director of "Institute of Geography"
16. Nusupov Kaiyr Khamzaevich Director of "Physical-Technical Institute" Kazakh National Technical University, Head of the Laboratory of nanotechnologies KBTU
17. Omirserikov Murat Shukeevich Director of "Institute of Geological Sciences named. K.I. Satpaev "
18. Abdygapparova Saule Bilalovna Director of the Institute of Economy and Business of Kazakh NRTU
19. Abisheva Zinesh Sadyrovna Director of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of the Kazakh NRTU
20. Akhmetov Bakhytzhan Srazhatdinovich Director of the Institute of information and telecommunication technologies of Kazakh NRTU
16. Nusupov Kaiyr Khamzaevich Director of "Physical-Technical Institute" Kazakh NRTU, Head of the Laboratory of nanotechnologies KBTU
21. Baygunchekov Zhumadil Zhanabaevich Director of the Institute of Industrial Engineering Kazakh NRTU
22. Besimbaev Erik Turashovich Director of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Engineering of KazNRTU
23. Dyusembaev Izim Nasievich Director of the Institute of Architecture and Construction Kazakh NRTU
24. Kumekov Serik Eshmuhambetovich Director of the Institute of High Technologies and Sustainable Development of the Kazakh NRTU
25. Kuralhanov Darkhan Kadyrbekovich Director of the Institute of Basic Education Kazakh NRTU, Head of the Department of Petroleum Engineering KBTU
26. Otarbayev Zhangeldy Otarbaevich Director of the Institute of Distance Education of Kazakh NRTU
27. Tleuzhanuly Kuandik Director of the International School of Economics KBTU
28. Dairbekov Nurlan Slyamhanovich Head SEC of Mathematics and Cybernetics KBTU
29. Kovtunenko Dmitrii Nikolaevich The head of the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy KBTU
30. Mikhail Leonidovich Akulov Dean of the Faculty of Basic KBTU
31. Bekmuhametova Zaure Arystanovna Dean of the Faculty of Energy and Oil and Gas Industry, Head of the Department of Geology and Physics of the Earth KBTU
32. Ewan Simpson Dean KBTU Business School
  Chief Scientific Secretary:  
33. Sabitova Dil'da Kenzhehanovna Director of the Academy of KBTU