Institute of Engineering and Information Technologies


To promote the development and prosperity of the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan, providing industry professionals the best educational training programs, training and industrial certification, based on the advanced achievements of world science and technology, as well as providing a high level of implementation of research and innovation projects and the organization of the effective implementation of their results in production.


By 2023 the Institute will be an advanced educational and research center of oil and gas industry, has a modern material and technical base, strong human resources, offering advanced services in the field of retraining and professional development, oil and gas engineering, information technology, and innovation.


1. The development of the Institute as a leading company in the field of retraining and advanced training of Kazakhstan oil and gas industry workers, equipped with the most modern teaching and laboratory and methodological bases at the level of the world's leading educational centers. 
2. Formation and development of the Institute as a focal point for technology transfer JSC "KBTU" and its subsidiaries and dependent companies (SDCs). 
3. Formation of the Institute as a research and innovation center, which has developed teaching methods, material and technical (including infrastructure, research and innovation) basis, based on staffing and development of advanced technologies for the oil and gas industry in the country.


1. Creating a high-performance industry system of continuous education (together with JSC "KBTU") in the oil and gas industry, the relevant international standards in this area. 
2. Opening of the Institute on the basis of new and expansion of existing official international accreditation of training centers and retraining of professional development (the so-called international industrial certification). 
3. Assist in the development and improvement of standards of training of workers of oil and gas industry. 
4. Establishment and effective functioning of the research and innovation monitoring and evaluation of the results of JSC "KBTU" and its subsidiaries. 
5. Implementation of the results of research and innovation activities of JSC "KBTU" and its subsidiaries. 
6. Construction of a multifunctional complex "Institute of Petroleum Engineering and Information Technology KBTU" on the territory of free economic "innovation park" area. 
7. Creation and development of infrastructure for research and innovation. 
8. Create a system for attracting and stimulating personnel for research and innovation.