KBTU Special Mobile


The reservoirs for oil products in the long-term operation are deposited sediments, consisting of mechanical impurities (sand, rust, or other., 35-45%), sealed with paraffin, sulfur compounds and resinous substances (45-55%), released from the oil. The heavy fraction of hydrocarbons eventually form sparingly soluble bitumen residues which, settling on the bottom and walls of the reservoir, dramatically reducing the useful volume. Operation of untreated vessels leads to corrosive wear, and therefore deteriorating technical performance.

To ensure the operational reliability of tanks with oil must be compliance with the rules of technical operation, monitoring, detection and elimination of defects. A necessary condition for the implementation of this work is the timely repair of tanks with pre-stripping of petroleum residues and deposits.


Brief description of the development:

The project aims to develop a sediment treatment technologies reservoirs of light and dark oil products with a volume of 100 m3 to 2000 m3.


Setting gives following competitive advantages:

• Significant reduction of time stripping reservoirs

• Absence of necessity of the presence of personnel inside the tank before and during the product works to clean up

• The maximum recovery of oil

• Minimization of contaminated waste

• The minimum emission of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere

• The overall decline in the cleaning of reservoirs and sludge processing costs


Installation structure:

• Jet nozzle, ensuring the creation of high-pressure jets of hot water

• The control mechanism (robot) jet nozzle movement

• Mobile platform for mounting these units

• Joints of the hot high pressure water jetting nozzle of a mobile machine type ADPM 12/10

• Power for autonomous robot control with the jet nozzle

• Explosion-proof electric connection cables with a robot