Department of Technology Commercialization

For the purposes of commercialization of research projects and their further introduction into production, starting with the July 25 2012, with the support of JSC "National Agency for Technological Development” the office of technology commercialization began its work in the university. JSC "HATP" provides methodological support to the commercialization office, in particular, it holds training seminars, trainings and competitions for participation in foreign internships, which in turn, will allow for the examination of international experience in the area of technology commercialization.

The main goal of the Office of Technology Commercialization (OCT) is to commercialize scientific and technological projects of the university.

The main objectives of OCT are:

• searching and evaluating technologies for commercialization;

• marketing analysis;

• providing methodological support to researchers in the field of technology commercialization;

• providing information support to scientists of the University;

• providing consulting services in the field of IP protection;

• Development of Technology Commercialization strategy;

• conducting informational activities to promote the idea of technology commercialization at the University;

• organizing and monitoring the process of development of feasibility evaluation for projects or concepts;

• supporting innovative projects for their further commercialization.


JSC "KBTU" has great research potential, which creates a productive ground for OCT. The structure of KBTU includes the Institute of Chemical Sciences named after AB Bekturova, the Institute of Organic Catalysis and Electrochemistry named after D.V.Sokolskogo, the Institute of Petroleum Engineering and Information Technology, and 13 research laboratories. The main directions of scientific research activities in KBTU are: Energy, Oil & Gas; Information Technology; Petroleum Engineering, Materials, CALS technologies, Metallurgy, nanotechnology, chemical industry, geology, ecology, and petrochemicals.

With the participation of OCT , in 2012 there were 14 applications submitted for security documents, two innovative projects successfully participated in competition of JSC " НАТР " for studying feasibility of the concept, two projects were tested and are being prepared for commission. With the direct participation of the OCT in the framework of the Forum -Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050: education, science and innovation" which was held April 12 in Almaty, 4 projects ready for commercialization were presented:

• Computer modeling of acid treatment technology for bottomhole formation zone;

• Technology of the well’s perforating zone

• Developing a new filler alloy for rehabilitation of critical components in railway rolling

• Developing technologies of self-adaptive systems for intelligent control of oil