Calibration laboratory

Mission/Vision/Strategy – The Testing Laboratory of JSC “KBTU” carries out rendering services in metrological providing and verifying measuring instruments on the contract basis as of 31.07.2014, No. 1178-14 set up between KBTU and Atyrau Refinery. The Testing Laboratory of JSC “KBTU” takes part in electronic purchases as the supplier with the service of verifying measuring instruments according to its accreditation scope.

Generic description – Services in metrology and verifying measuring instruments in accordance with its accreditation scope.

Archive (database of the implemented projects) / publications – the Published articles are: "A role of metrological providing in oil and gas industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "The factors influencing on the quality of measurements in the Testing Laboratory".

The grants (received by the Laboratory) – An Accreditation Certificate on verifying measuring instruments No. KZ.P.02.1597 as of April 3, 2015 that is valid till April 3, 2020.

Administration: Head of the Laboratory – A.N. Berkinbayeva, Deputy Head of the Laboratory – G.O. Eralinova

Equipment: the Multipurpose Calibrator with the Hart function of a communicator DPI-620-IS, the Multipurpose Calibrator MC5-R-IS, Electrical Measuring Instrument 3.1KM, Energoform, Megaohmmeter UT-511.