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PhD Programs

The Kazakh-British Technical University offers PhD study programs in the following areas.


1: Faculty of Energy and Oil and Gas Industry

Available expertise and areas of study


2: Faculty of Information Technology

Available expertise and areas of study


3: Business School

Available expertise and areas of study


4: School of Mathematics and Cybernetics

Available expertise and areas of study


5: Center of Chemical Engineering

Available expertise and areas of study


6: Center of Alternative Energy and Nanotechnologies

Available expertise and areas of study


Admission criteria

  •       A candidate can proceed to PhD study after completing MS, MA one or 1.5 years or MBA one and 1.5 year and pursue specialization in form of a PhD through in-depth research and investigation
  •       If a candidate with a master’s degree in a particular subject wishes to do a PhD in the same/similar filed, area; the learning outcomes of the previous level of education are automatically recognized. But if the candidate will choose a different filed and the profile of his master’s degree will not coincide with the PhD study that she/he intends to undertake, such a candidate has to pass prerequisites tests, exams that will determine her/his suitability for the PhD study in that particular field
  •      The list of mandatory prerequisites is determined by the relevant faculty and is reflected in the entrance examination program. In the absence of the necessary prerequisites, the doctoral candidate has the right to complete the prerequisites on paid fee basis prior to the commencement of studies. Schedule of prerequisites is reviewed and approved by the schools/centers
  •      The entrance exam for applicants who wish to enter the KBTU, by groups of doctoral educational programs is carried out only in KBTU


Required Documents

  • Research Proposal along with any previous research work that will be evaluated by a panel of experts
  •  Interview (via Skype, WeChat, Whatsapp or ZOOM) for further assessment of the candidate’s, aptitude, experience, research skills in a specialized field and a general overview on the topic of the dissertation
  • Original academic certificates
  • Proof of available funds for the entire period of study (tuition fee +living costs), or proof of scholarship/sponsorship, if any
  • Six 3x4 centimeter size photographs
  • Medical Certificate
  • X-ray with doctor’s report
  • Valid Passport (original and copy)
  • A support letter from employer about the candidate’s work experience (if applicable)
  • Recommendation letter from the previous university, institution
  • A copy comprehensive test passing certificate 


Terms of Admission

1: Academic documents (degrees/diplomas) issued by foreign educational institutions have to be nostrified under the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan after enrollment during the 1 (first) semester or prior to the submission of documents

2: Kazakhstan recognizes foreign qualifications under international treaties. Foreign degrees/diplomas should be apostilled/verified


For more information please contact:

Postgraduate Study Office

Telephone Nos. +77273574264 and +77273574282

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.