Duration of training in the specialty (scientific and pedagogical master): 2 years

The language of instruction is English.

Goals, objectives:

Training of highly qualified specialists in the field of mathematical and computer modeling. In this direction, the faculty seeks to improve the quality of the educational process by introducing modern methods and methods of teaching, updating and creating new mathematical courses that take into account the needs of the growing economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Content of the educational program:

For further independent research and the protection of a master's thesis at the university organized magistracy in the specialty "Mathematical and computer modeling". As part of the course, undergraduates are introduced to classical and modern approaches of mathematics, such as: functional analysis methods, mathematical models of physical processes, a more advanced course in partial differential equations, etc. In addition, courses are read in high-performance computing and computer modeling.

Theoretical and practical minimum education in the magistracy:

  • To master the program are allowed: Specialists with an academic bachelor's degree. An applicant must be prepared for training in the magistracy, as well as to research activities in the field of mathematical and computer modeling. The applicant must possess a diverse arsenal of modern research methods, including the use of specialized computer programs for carrying out various calculations. In addition, the applicant must possess the following scientific and methodological skills and abilities:
  • formulate the problem, purpose and objectives of the study
  • choose adequate research methods
  • carry out information-analytical and information-bibliographic work with the involvement of modern technologies
  • analyze the collected information and explain the results
  • present the results of the work done in the form of reports, abstracts, articles, designed in accordance with modern requirements

Prerequisites of the educational program:

  • linear algebra
  • mathematical analysis I, II, III
  • equations of mathematical physics


For graduate NOCMiK provides academic mobility in foreign universities:

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hangary)
  • Kozminski University (Warsaw, Poland)
  • University of Washington (Seattle, USA)

Main courses of master programs

Basic disciplines:

  • Foreign Language (professional)
  • Psychology
  • Pedagogic
  • Modern methods of mathematical modeling
  • Nonlinear physical processes
  • Meteorology
  • History and philosophy of science
  • Mathematical processes


Main disciplines:

  • Models and methods for highly productivities calculations
  • Mathematical processes
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Analysis
  • Scattering
  • Decision making of hydrodynamics on high-efficiency systems
  • The numerical solution of nonlinear boundary value problems
  • Mathematical modeling of thermophysical processes in multilayer environments
  • High performance computing technologies