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On October 11, Honeywell company opened a new regional training centre on automation on the basis of Kazakh-British Technical University. The Automation centre will help KBTU students in training and obtaining practical skills of work in the production processes of automation industry. Also, engineers from the national enterprises of Kazakhstan will be improving their qualifications in this centre.

Honeywell company has provided the new training centre with all the necessary equipment and software. You will learn the basics of increasing the personnel’s and equipment work productivity, decreasing costs due to unplanned downtimes, diminishing number of operational errors and increase of safety on industrial enterprises in this centre. Within the frames of KBTU and Honeywell mutual program, the university teachers are taking an intensive training on operating the equipment and the software, and soon will be ready to share their knowledge with the University students. Honeywell teachers will conduct certified courses for specialists from customer-companies.

“Our goal is training high-quality specialists and scientists, - KBTU Rector, Kenzhebek Ibrashev says. – Partnership with Honeywell on creation of the automation training centre that perfectly goes along with the relevant tasks of “Digital Kazakhstan” program, will help our students gaining access to the latest technologies, so that, in the end, they would become demanded professionals in their sphere.

The training centre in KBTU was established based on the experience of the international training centres of Honeywell and cooperation of the company with the universities all around the world. The new centre will provide certified training sessions for operators, engineers, maintenance personnel and heads of production. KBTU students will be able to practice in process modelling, programming, monitoring of productivity, troubleshooting and improvement of operational efficiency of organizations.

“Launch of the new training centre is another step of Honeywell towards the support of the state program “Digital Kazakhstan” and localization projects, the aim of which is to widen the opportunities of practical training for the future specialists, - Georgi Georgiyev, the president of Honeywell company in Russia and countries of the Customs Union, commented. – Operators, manufacturing engineers and other technical specialists of the key for the economy of Kazakhstan industries will obtain the possibility to work with contemporary solutions of Honeywell for automation of technological processes, including the latest means of virtualization”.

Honeywell Company is represented in Kazakhstan for more than 20 years now. There are three offices in Almaty, Atyrau and Nur-Sultan that support enterprises of industrial sector by means of the advanced technologies. The technical personnel of the key Kazakhstani participants of oil and gas industry attend courses of training and advanced training in the Honeywell centres in Belgium, Netherlands, OAE, Russia as well as in the regional Honeywell training centre in Atyrau.

Despite the fact that Honeywell is physically present in Kazakhstan for more than two decades, actually, the company works with the enterprises of Kazakhstan petroleum industry for more than 40 years. Long before the first Honeywell UOP office in Almaty was opened, it started supplying technologies on various directions – from production, gas refining, and oil transportation to advanced refining. The company realized a number of projects for huge local and international enterprises.