A delegation of Italian multinational energy company, Enel, visited KBTU on 5 September to participate in the ‘GENSTalks’.

During the visit, the Delegation participated in various activities, including visits to University’s facilities, laboratories and sites. The visitors met the KBTU senior staff in Beijing Hall and held talks on mutual cooperation. Later, the Delegation visited the Center of Alternative Energy and Nanotechnology (AEiN), the Round Hall and the KBTU solar power plant at SES PIT Alatau.

A panel discussion also took place on the role of innovations in the new energy industry. The panel discussion was held in the framework of GENSTalks. The head of the REC of the AEiN, Professor Cairo Nusupov participated in the Discussion. Dina Bakranova led a pitch session in which profiles of various specialized startups were pitched.