A delegation of the China University of Petroleum Beijing, and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Consul for science and technology in Almaty visited the Kazakh-British Technical University on 20 August 2019. During the visit, the both sides signed the Charter of the International Association of Energy Universities.

China University of Petroleum’s Vice Rector Mr Shanfeng led the Chinese delegation. PRC Consul for Science and Technology in Almaty, Mr. Mi Guisyun also accompanied the delegation.

The Chinese delegation held talks with KBTU Rector Kenzhebek Ibrashev and his team on strengthening mutual cooperation between the two universities. Afterwards the Charter of the International Association of Energy Universities was signed.

China University of Petroleum delegation visited various parts of the KBTU, in particular, the simulators of the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy.

It is important to mention that in September 2018, KBTU and China University of Petroleum signed agreements on cooperation and the creation of the One Belt and One Way Oil Engineering Institute. The entry of the Kazakh-British Technical University into the International Association of Energy Universities has opened new prospects for the young generation of Kazakhstani engineers, in particular, in the development of high-tech technologies and materials for the oil and gas industry.