Dear applicants!

KBTU congratulates the winners of state educational scholarships 2019!

The results of the state educational scholarships competition can be found below.

If you have won a state educational grant in another university of the Republic of Kazakhstan, please do the following:

1. Visit KBTU (tentatively from 10.08.2019) and receive a certificate issued by the NTTs Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the award of a state educational grant;

2. Provide the documents submission receipt at the Admission Office in order to get back your documents.

Список на каз. языке

Список на каз. языке(Инвалиды)

Список на каз. языке(Сироты)

Список на каз. языке(Диаспора)

Список на рус. языке

Список на рус. языке(Инвалиды)

Список на рус. языке(Сироты)

Список на рус. языке(Диаспора)