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A special online meeting of the Teachers' staff of KBTU took place on June 2. It was dedicated to sharing the experience of the semester and the attestation session with application of distance learning technologies, as well as to discussing plans for the summer and autumn semesters.

KBTU Rector Kenzhebek Ibrashev summarized work of the university during the spring semester and thanked employees for the well-coordinated work during the emergency situation period in his speech addressing the Academic teaching staff.

«All this time you actively worked on improvement of the mechanisms of educational process organization in the online format and by this moment we can establish the fact that KBTU provides online training for 2500 students, 253 Master’s program students and 39 PhD program students, - noted Kenzhebek Niyazovich. – This was the result of good management, academic teaching staff and student community teamwork of the university.

The main role of the organization of the educational process belongs to each teacher and each student. It is you who implements the methodological and technical recommendations, meets during online classes, learns how to use new program means, and the most important thing – teach yourself and each other to communicate in this format, and for that I am immensely grateful to all the teachers and professors of KBTU».

Within the frames of the teachers staff meeting there were webinars on digital literacy for the KBTU teaching staff on June 3-4. There were covered many topics among which were the “Creative approach to online assignments. How to conduct exams” and “Free online platforms and students’ motivation”. Teachers from various faculties shared their experience with colleagues on arranging the learning process with the use of distance learning technologies.