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A new Master’s Program “Offshore engineering and shipping operations” is launched at KBTU Kazakhstan Maritime Academy.

A graduate having accomplished training on the present program will obtain competitive skills in the sphere of maritime transport, maritime transportation law, offshore industry, economics and finance, as well as basics of human resource management and project management.

The new program will open wide horizons in job placement and career development for KBTU graduates.

Knowledge obtained by the graduates after completing the Educational Program will allow working in maritime ports, national and international shipping and oil and gas companies.


List of competencies of the graduate:

1. Maritime offshore operations;

2. Inspection of maritime ships and facilities;

3. Provision of environment security;

4. Harbour management;

5. Maintenance control;

6. Oil and gas extraction machinery operations;

7. Procurement and operations management;

8. Optimization of operational processes in ports and oil platforms.


Cool, isn’t it? Then, write to us and our employees will contact you and tell you how to enroll into this program.