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For the period of the emergency situation the House of Master’s program and students of KBTU became a home for medical personnel of Almaty region who were constrained to stay in Almaty for work.

They are 120 employees of medical organizations that include 19 doctors, 24 nurses/hospital attendants, 42 paramedics/ obstetricians and 35 drivers. Most of them work in shifts at the five stations of Emergency medical service, in two clinics and a maternity hospital №4.

They have not seen their relatives for about 1-1.5 months.

We have conducted a poll of the medical employees, asked them about the conditions of their lodgings and asked to give advice to KBTU students for the period of the emergency situation.

The medical employees are satisfied with their lodgings in the HMS, they noted the cleanliness, warmth, comfort and cordiality of the personnel, and also thanked KBTU for the provided conditions.

And their advice, as the medical personnel of Almaty city, to the students is to observe safety precautions and stay home. They also wish health and prosperity to all.