Applicant should write an essay: “Why I would like to study in Kazakhstan Maritime Academy” in English language. The volume of essay should be not more than 300 words.

Medical Examination:
In accordance with №3 (Medical Examination Form) and №4 (Медицинская справка). an applicant should pass sea-farers medical examination at “Interteach” Insurance Company in Atyrau, Aktau, Astana or Almaty. It is recommended to pass sea-farers medical examination in “Interteach” Almaty branch, which directly practices in entrance examination for KMA. Address: Furmanov Str. 275/Hadzhy Mukana Str., Almaty, tel. 8 (727) 3 200 200 (201-216).

Before medical examination an applicant should provide “Interteach” with filled up first two pages of Appendix №3. During medical examination a doctor will fill up the second form (Appendix №4). Applicant must make sure that both forms are filled up. “Interteach” will issue the filled Appendix №3, №4, №5 (”Health Certificate”) after completing the medical examination. As an example (Appendix №5) ) is attached.

For medical examination an applicant should have:
• Statement or note from domiciliary doctor in that case if an applicant does not live in Almaty but will pass sea-farers medical examination in “Interteach” Almaty branch;
• 1 Photo 3×4;
• Chest X-rays (for current year).

Medical examination expenses are paid by applicant. Medical examination is carried out on an empty stomach from 08 a.m. till 10 a.m. (Monday till Friday). “Interteach” Almaty branch medical examination costs is 9500 tenge. In case if an applicant is planning to pass medical examination in other city (not in Almaty), we recommend to contact with appropriate “Interteach” branches (

Entrance examinations in KBTU (Almaty):
• Math – at level of high school program (English)
• English Language –exam is conducted in IELTS format. Must have a minimum 5.5 points out of 9.0 maximum. An applicant will be exempted from the entrance exam holding a certificate IELTS 5.0 and above
• Interview with a panel in English
• Medical Examination in Interteach

Interview will be arranged after entrance exams and conducted for those applicants who successfully passed all entrance exams on English language and mathematics (in English language).

Medical check-up fee is on applicant’s cost (9000 KZT) and shall be done at Interteach polyclinic. In order to avoid unnecessary expenses, applicant shall apply for medical check up upon successful outcome of the Interview with a Recruitment Committee.