Dear Global Citizens,

Every day from my office windows I look at the stunning Tian Shan Mountains - and think how lucky I am to be in the beautiful city of Almaty. If you are reading this - it means, like me, you are interested in world class education. I am fortunate enough to work at a truly international university of the 21 Century that is located in the heart of Eurasia, Kazakhstan. Ours is a peaceful multicultural country where people of 120 ethnicities have been living in complete harmony for hundreds of years. Kazakh people are very warm and hospitable and have welcomed me with open arms as I am sure they will for you ….! You have no doubt seen our website, so you know I am working at the Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU), the number one Technical University and Economic School in Central Asia as well as having one of top business Schools in the region. Here are some interesting facts for you to consider:

  • All our courses are taught in English
  • Our teaching staff is from 70 international cultures. We always welcome new members to our diverse and dynamic Community
  • We have eight schools where world leading professors and professionals teach and train students. Many of our professors have done their PhDs at top Western universities
  • Our fees are designed to offer affordable access to world class education for people from Central Asia and beyond


Some unique and outstanding characteristics of KBTU schools/faculties


International School of Economics 


  • One of the world’s best universities, the University of London (UoL) is our partner and we are offering UoL degrees in Almaty. With our School of Economics degree students are eligible to enter world top universities such as the LSE, Oxford, Cambridge MIT and Harvard for further studies





KBTU Business School 


The Kazakhstan Maritime Academy 

  • As part of their studies in KBTU’s unique KMA students are given the opportunity to develop their skills with our partners located in Rotterdam Netherlands, where they receive their initial basic safety training and first seagoing apprenticeship on board of a training vessel
  • The KMA academic program consists of mix of theory and practice. The four study program offers one year full year seagoing apprenticeship opportunity at sea with shipping companies such as Chevron Shipping, COSCO Shipping, Topaz Marine, Caspian Offshore Construction and KMTF, abroad and domestic. Cadets go to the sea during the third year of the program. The graduates of Kazakhstan Maritime Academy are employed by foreign and local companies in maritime and service industries due to excellent set of skills, gathered knowledge and ability to solve problems under pressure in a challenging environment as working at sea can be


The Faculty of Information Technology   


  • KBTU's Information Technology Programs are accredited by the ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology). We are the first Kazakhstani university to have this prestigious international accreditation.
  • Several of KBTU IT school graduates have found jobs in the Silicon Valley, California, USA working for companies such as facebook and Twitter as engineers
  • Our IT faculty offers a very unique education model where students during their studies (from BS 3rd year and in some cases from the 2nd year) can work five days a week at well-known IT companies in Kazakhstan. They earn money (starting from 400 Dollars a month and can make up to 2000 Dollars in their final year)
  • The most interesting part is that students’ paid work is counted as their study credits. Students get grades for work and attend classes on the weekends or in the evenings. During their studies, students have the opportunity to travel to several countries as exchange students and to participate in international intellectual contests. However, only serious and well-performing students get the above opportunities


The Faculty of Mathematics and Cybernetics


  • Our mathematics and cybernetic programs are very advanced. KBTU offers students and researchers from around the globe an opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the world’s best mathematicians and build a solid and guaranteed career in any scientific field or produce cutting edge-research. KBTU Faculty of Mathematics and Cybernetics has been training and producing highly qualified specialists in mathematical and computer modeling. We offer undergraduate to PhD level programs in mathematics and applied mathematics



The Faculty of Energy and Oil & Gas Industry 


  • Kazakhstan is a fossil fuel rich country (Among the top 15 in oil and gas reserves worldwide) and those resources are developed and produced by National and International Companies, such as KazMunayGas, ENI, Shell, Chevron, etc. KBTU educates professionals for oil and gas industry for many years. We offer three level education (Bachelor's, Master's and PhDs) to incoming students, through which they can equip themselves with necessary competencies to work in the industry
  • Many of our graduates work for those companies in Kazakhstan and abroad successfully. We also invite industry professionals to share their experience and professors from international universities to teach our students
  • We not only train engineers and technicians, we also offer a specialized MBA in oil and gas. In many countries and markets, KBTU graduates play crucial role---from discovery and drilling to production and processing---in the energy cycle. Our business school graduates with specialization in oil and gas know the pulse of international energy markets and businesses


The Faculty of Geology and Exploration


  • KBTU faculty of Geology and Exploration is the best in Kazakhstan. KBTU is the only local university which has received the international accreditation confirmed by the world's largest British Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST), and holds a Royal diploma and a license of engineering council of the United Kingdom on both specialties of our faculty






Faculties of Chemical Engineering and General Education



  • KBTU offers undergraduate and post graduate degrees in Chemical Engineering and other areas of Chemistry while our school of education offers very interesting relevant courses





In my career, I have not seen such a dynamic and live institution that has excellent academic and vocational programs and exceptionally strong ties with businesses and industry. Almost the entire Advisory Board of the University is composed of top business leaders, the university has industrial committees where top scientists and experts sit. The Board and experts guide, advice, and help in designing KBTU academic courses and programs tailored to business and industry needs. Our partners provide generous student grants and internships and hire many of our graduates. Ninety eight percent of KBTU graduates find employment soon after leaving the University. KBTU could be your key to success. We very much welcome international students and looking for mutually beneficial partnerships and exchanges; please come and be part of the KBTU Community as a student and receive the best British education, live in our state of the art dormitory and experience the Kazakh culture.

Muhammad Sheraz, Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Public Affairs

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