The duration of the study for a bachelor degree is four years. Graduates of the RFMSH, BIL and NIS can complete their study at KBTU in three years under a fast track program. For the entire period of the study, students must pass at least 140 credits. As part of academic mobility programs, students can partially study at partner universities in foreign countries, and also practice at well-known subsoil companies.

According to the results of the diploma project defense at a meeting of the State Attestation Commission to the graduates in the specialty 050706 – “Geology and exploration of mineral resources” is awarded an academic bachelor's degree in geology and mineral exploration.


Specializations (educational trajectories):

Specialty 5B070600 - Geology and Exploration for Mineral Resources students have the opportunity to study in one of their chosen specializations:

  • Geology and exploration of solid minerals

  • Oil and gas geology

  • Geophysical methods of surveying and exploration.