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The Scientific library of KBTU is one of the most modern university libraries of Kazakhstan, member of the Association of the RK institutional libraries. The SL of KBTU promotes an entry of the university into the international information space.

The Scientific library was organized in 2002 and it is one of the most important structural divisions of the university which provides with information on educational and research activities of the higher education institution.

From the date of the basis the Scientific library actively participates in formation of the organizational, cultural and intellectual environment in the higher education institution, carries out information services of users, implementation of automation, new technologies and access to electronic resources.

The structure of the Scientific library:

- Sector of acquisition and scientific processing of literature;

- Service sector (Loan department, General reading room and hall of periodicals, Reading room of the House of undergraduates and students);

- Center of electronic resources;

- Information and library Center.

The Scientific library complements the literature in 3 languages according to the profile of the university. In the SL of KBTU stocks the latest national and foreign literature is presented on:

- computer science;

- mathematical and computer modeling;

- marine facilities and technology;

- oil and gas;

- geology;

- chemistry and chemical technology;

- economics, finance and management.

The main sources of acquisition are bookselling organizations, national and foreign publishers, oil and gas companies, leading academic and industry organizations, printing houses of higher education institutions.

All library processes are automated, the halls are equipped with the advanced computer equipment. In the Scientific library the electronic catalog operates on the basis of the Automated Information Library System MAPK-SQL, available to all users of the university.

In order to fully satisfy the information requests of users the structure of the Scientific library, the personnel structure, the system of reading rooms and loan department is constantly being improved. The Scientific library is constantly looking for new forms and directions of work, focusing on the formation of the electronic resources stock.

Mission of the Scientific library of KBTU

The efficiency of the library functioning directly depends on the suitability to the public image and reputation of the university.

In a priority:

- ensuring information support to the higher education institution in performance of educational activity, carrying out research and development in the training of highly qualified specialists;

- providing users with access to the world's information resources;

- creation of the modern library and information environment for development of creative, mental abilities of the university students.

Strategic activities of the Scientific library of KBTU

  1. Promoting the competitiveness of the university in the market of educational services;
  2. Ensuring the appropriateness of the structure and volume of the stock with the information needs of users;
  3. Providing the access for users to all library stocks, to the world and national scientific and educational resources;
  4. Improving the comfort of service for all categories of users;
  5. Modernization of library technologies of the library;
  6. Formation the information culture of readers;
  7. Development of the professional competence of library staff.
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