Welcome to the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy

Kazakhstan Maritime Academy was founded in 2012 with JSC “Kazakh-British Technical University” in Almaty. Creator and sponsor of this project is “Tengizchevroil”.

Assumption of KMA creation isdirectly related to the strategic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Cross-Caspian transportation of crude and various products from Kazakhstan started many years ago. Since Kazakhstan became an independent nation in 1991, an important strategic focus for the government has been to develop the Caspian Sea region in a way that maximizes long-term benefit for the country. The government’s objective is to become a maritime nation in the Caspian region and internationally. At the same time, Kazakhstan has worked to create a thriving transportation industry are dedicated, competent and well-educated men and women with the skills needed to operate the country’s transportation system in a safe, efficient, and environmentally compliant manner. The objective of the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy is simple: to produce highly skilled, internationally accepted Kazakhstani officers and leaders in the transportation field in the RoK and abroad to meet the challenges of the present and future on
behalf of Kazakhstan.

The Maritime Studies program initiative contributes to the government’s objective to support the increasing offshore oil and gas developments and to generate employment of Kazakhstani citizens outside of the traditional oil and gas sector. The modern maritime industry is at a crossroads with much the world’s seasoned workforce retiring while the demand for both traditional and new skills is expanding. This initiative will provide a boost to Kazakhstan’s long-term international competiveness as graduates create a pool of competitive and competent RoK seafarers able to work on Kazakh and foreign vessels anywhere in the world, both in international waters and onshore.

The graduates can also work in a variety of professional fields such as naval architecture, chartering, maritime law, shipyard construction management, vessel repair and maintenance, and various applied engineering areas such as power generation.

Another important reason of Kazakhstan Maritime Academy creation was the RoK “Merchant Navigation Law” which calls for senior officers (captain, chief mate and chief engineer) serving on Kazakh-flagged vessels to be citizens of Kazakhstan by January 1, 2015. The future Kazakhstan Maritime Academy compliant with international maritime regulations will help achieve this goaland gradual removing awareness of the shortage of qualified RoK mariners.

In May 2012 KBTU has signed an agreement with STC — Group from Netherlands to manage the academy providing professional teaching staff for maritime subjects and to provide consultancy in related field such as Maritime Simulators, Workshops and apprenticeship of KMA cadets.
STC – Group from Netherlands is providing consultancy in maritime and logistic related matters and maritime simulation worldwide and has branches and offices in countries such as South Africa, Oman, Philippines, Brazil and Indonesia.

Faculty advantages
Up to 27 students receive education at KMA on tuition fee free basis
365 days of sailing practice during 3 year of study is a mandatory part of KMA's curriculum
First and the only Kazakh higher education institution that produces international level sailors
Faculty programs Teaching staff of the Faculty
Askar Duysenbiev
Senior Lecturer
Bachelor of Arts
Ablai Lekerov
Senior Lecturer
Bachelor of Arts
Ermek Makhmidin
Bachelor of Arts
Nikolay Nikolkin
Bachelor of Arts

Faculty news

First Seagoing Apprenticeship KMA cadets 1 year