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Geology and Exploration of Mineral Resources 5B070600


KBTU FEOGI bachelor programs 5B070600 - Geology and exploration of mineral resources, 5B070800 - Petroleum engineering are accredited by the international agency Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology.
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Graduates of undergraduate academic degree: Bachelor of Geology and mineral exploration.

The goal of the program:
Preparation of highly qualified, competitive specialists in the field of survey and exploration of minerals for mining and oil and gas companies engaged in mineral use at all stages of exploration and mining production research and design institutions, universities and state departments on rational use and protection of mineral resources that meet the requirements of today's market and international standards.
Education is provided by state grants and on a fee paying basis by the credit technology and completed a BA. Further post-graduate education can be continued on the masters program.

Bachelors of specialty 050706 - Geology and exploration of mineral deposits can successfully perform the following professional activities:
• Organizational and technological
• Production and management
• Service and operational
• Design
• Research
• Education (teaching)

• Geology and exploration of solid minerals
• Oil and gas geology
• Geophysical methods of surveying and exploration

Compulsory course– 94 credits, including:
• Physical geology
• Structural geology
• Geology and mineral resources of Kazakhstan
• Mineralogy with basics of crystallography and petrography
• Petrophysics
• Well drilling
• Petroleum geology
• Geology of mineral deposits
• Fundamentals of well logging
• Sedimentology of sedimentary basins
• Geological modeling based on geostatistics
• Introduction to geophysics
• Well test

Benefits of studying the specialty "Geology and exploration of mineral deposits" in KBTU:
• Preparation of the bachelor's degree program at an accredited by British IMarEST;
• Highly qualified teaching staff
• The ability to obtain high-paying jobs both in Kazakhstan and abroad
• High demand for graduates of KBTU in international companies, government organizations, enterprises
• The possibility of obtaining a two diploma graduate education