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The Bachelor’s in Management provides students with the frameworks needed in modern management and decision making. These include a strong theoretical foundation, modern modeling techniques, and decision analysis of business problems.  At the same time, KBS is among the first universities in Kazakhstan to offer an integrated soft skills curriculum, combining technical competency with the social and communications skills necessary to work effectively with teams and to navigate the human infrastructure of a large corporation.

Required Courses – 93 credits, including:
• Business Communications
• Business Planning
• Business Development Strategy
• Entrepreneurship
• Human Resources Management
• Management
• Marketing
• Innovation Management
• International Business
• Project Management

Elective Courses – 36 credits, including:
• Data Analysis and Forecasting of the Economy
• Business Ideas and OPPORTUNITIES
• Business Ethics
• Tools and Methods of Decision-Making
• Computer Applications in Business
• Marketing Communications
• International Economics
• Evaluation of Oil and Gas Projects
• Business Valuation
• Intermediate Financial Accounting

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