Welcome to the Faculty of General education

The General Education Faculty was founded in November, 2010, on the basis of the departments of "Calculus and Cybernetics", "The English Language", "Humanities", "Physical Education and Sport".

The mission of the Faculty is to facilitate the adaptation of first-year students to educational activities in KBTU, and also to transfer the necessary knowledge on general education disciplines, to promote the involvement of students in their academic life and to allow for a mastery of the necessary knowledge, the basic professional competences connected with their readiness and ability to train on subsequent courses within the graduating faculties. The educational purpose is to develop students` cognitive and creative abilities, to form a socially significant worldview, spiritual and moral bases of the personality and a civic stand.

The conceptual foundation of the Faculty is defined by three fundamental theoretical and methodological provisions – three principles of activity.
• The fundamentality principle of education is based on the breadth and relevance of knowledge in professional training, the unity of educational and research students` work. This principle is implemented through assurance and quality of teaching educational, linguistic and humanitarian disciplines, physical training, mastering and developing research and analytical skills.
• The universality principle is focused on the unity of fundamental and practical training, the formation of a professional environment, and ensuring a high competitiveness of trainees. In the educational process the Faculty will work towards a reasonable combination of theoretical and applied disciplines.
• The unity principle of training and education is concentrated on the development of students` self-government and the formation of an active civic stand.

The student is the main focus of the whole educational process at the Faculty. Through the interaction of student and Faculty the main aim include to allow for self-actualization and assisting professionally, spiritually, creatively and to foster the cultural development of each student.
The educational activities of the Faculty could not be fruitful without the systematic work of teaching staff with students. The Faculty sets the following tasks concerning its work with the students:
• participation of instructors in counseling for students` research work
• organization of public workshops and panel conferences for students and instructors
• the use of network resources for an operative communication with students (information on changes in schedule, assignments, and information messages)
• information layout on the website of the Faculty
• the search for new management and counseling forms for the Faculty students including a creation of forums for students and teaching staff
• formation of a civic and moral stand, patriotic and tolerant education
• creation of conditions for students` creative self-actualization
• teaching staff control over the students` activities


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