Chemical technology of organic substances 7M07101


The Department of Chemical Engineering provides training for MSc degree in Chemical technology of organic substances (7M07101)


Programme duration (scientific and pedagogical education for MSc degree): 2 years

The scientific and pedagogical education for MSc degree in Chemical technology of organic substances implements a professional curriculum to educate research and pedagogical personnel for the system of higher, postgraduate education and the scientific field with in-depth research and pedagogical training, with the award of the degree "majored Master of Engineering/Master of Science".


The content of educational programs:

            The main criteria for completing the educational process for the MSc degree is the gaining of at least 65 credits, of which at least 45 credits of a theoretical course, at least 5 credits of practice, as well as at least 10 credits of research work.


Graduate students are passing internship at world-front research centers of universities near and far abroad: Sejong University (Korea), University Sains Malaysia (Malaysia), Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (Switzerland), San Jorge University (Spain), Saint-Etienne School of Mines (France) - etc.


The master's program graduates' career includes highly qualified managerial personnel, top managers for the chemical and oil and gas processing industries, as well as scientific and pedagogical personnel for the higher education system and the research sphere, with in-depth professional and scientific-pedagogical training.

Basic courses of master's programs:

Core disciplines, including:

  • Professional English
  • Psychology
  • Pedagogic
  • Financial Analysis of Projects
  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • Modern instrumental analysis methods.


            Elective disciplines, including:

  • Modern Chemistry and Engineering of Polymer
  • Organometallic Chemistry
  • Technology of deep processing of oil and gas
  • Petrochemistry in the process of oil and gas production
  • Advanced Plant and Process Design
  • Modern technologies for the processing of organic substances
  • Fundamentals of technology for the production of surfactants and synthetic detergents
  • Chemistry and technology of oilfield business
  • Principles of green chemistry in the chemical technology of organic substances and materials
  • Technology for purification and processing of natural and associated petroleum gases.