International citizens

These instructions are developed and approved in accordance with “Rules of entry to and exit from the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK)” approved by the Government by No.136 of 01.28.2000

1. A foreign student

is entitled to enter the RK only after heshe gets a letter invitation from Office for Foreign StaffStudents (hereinafter Office, office 503), KBTU JSC (for overseas students). A foreign student fills in a form of a letter of invitation to get the initial educational visa and submit it to the Office towards obtaining the registration number in MFA (processing time is 15 working days).

2. A foreign studentpostgraduate student has to:

  1. Come to the Office on the first day of arrival in Almaty (KBTU) (or next day) to get acquainted with hisher rights and obligation
  2. Provide the Office on the first day of arrival (or next day) the following documents to register himher and hisher passport in the Migration Police Authority:
    • a) An original passport (or residence card, if any)
    • b) Three 3x4 photos
    • c) AIDS Certificate (term of validity is one month)
    • d) A reference letter from the dormitory
    • e) A reference letter from the World Association of the Kazakhs (for oralmans)
    • f) The copies of the apartment owner’ documents if a student rents an apartment (ID card, Register of tenants, Agreement of tenancy, notary permission to stay)
  3. Provide contact information address of stay, home and mobile phone numbers, e-mail
  4. Timely inform the Office in case of any changes in the contact information
  5. Hand in the Office hisher passport:
    • • till September 1 – for getting a registration for an academic year period
    • for overseas students:
    • • till December 1 – for getting an exit visa for winter holiday period
    • • till May 15 - for getting an exit visa for summer holiday period
    • • in case of leaving the RK because of illness a passport should be handed in the Office 10 days before the leaving date

3. A student should timely check:

  1. term of validity of hisher passport
  2. reissuance of passport in case of its loss
  3. TIN information
  4. residence card information (as appropriate)
  5. processing of the citizenship (as appropriate)

4. A foreign studentpostgraduate student should know:

  1. The reception days for foreign students’ passports in Almaty Migration Police Authority are Tuesday and Friday (10.00-12.00 AM)
  2. The Kazakh exit visa is given three times a year in winter and summer holidays’ periods, in case of illness (obligatory provision of 095U form of the medical certificate from Almaty Student Municipal Clinic)
  3. A student bears responsibility for abuse of RK Laws andor these Rules, including financial liability (payment of a fine)
  4. All expenses related to staying in RK are paid by students themselves

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