Purchases department

General provisions

Purchasing Department (hereinafter - PD or Department) is a structural subdivision of Kazakh-British Technical University JSC (hereinafter - KBTU or university). Purchasing Department is headed by a Director appointed and dismissed by the order of the KBTU Rector. In its activities, PD is subject to the Vice-Rector on General Issues of KBTU. PD is a structural unit responsible for the performance of the procedures of the organization and purchasing. In its activities, the Department is guided by: 
- current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- the KBTU JSC Charter;
- the KBTU JSC Policy and Objectives in the Field of Quality;
- Guidelines on the KBTU JSC Quality and other normative documents of the quality management system (QMS) of the University; 
- orders and instructions at KBTU;
- the present Regulation and other normative documents of KBTU.


Main goals

Logistics of KBTU activities by purchasing goods, works and services required for the activities of the University. Providing necessary activities on renovations of the KBTU academic building and dormitories. Supervision of construction issues, performed by KBTU and its subsidiaries. Providing recording, storage and distribution of inventory holdings ​​(IH) at the KBTU storehouse in accordance with the set requirements.