Office Registrar

General provisions

The office of the Registrar (hereafter OR) is an organization unit of JSC “Kazakh British Technical University” (hereafter KBTU or the university), which is to develop educational services in KBTU implementing individual approach to every student. The main aim of OR is to ensure the high quality of education in order to provide high-skilled specialists able to be competitive in the job market. OR is managed by the head of OR, who is designated for this position and discharged from it by the Rector’s order.

OR operates in accordance with the following: 
- The Policy and Aims of KBTU in the field of quality; 
- the Republic of Kazakhstan laws in action;
- JSC “KBTU” regulations;
- Quality manual of JSC “KBTU” and other regulating documents of Quality Management System (QMS);
- The orders and directives issued in KBTU; 
- KBTU Credit technology Rules; 
- These Regulations and other internal document of KBTU.

OR operates in accordance with annual working plans.


Main Objectives

• Assisting the faculties and the departments in organizing the teaching and learning activities;
• Contributing to the development of the professional competence of the staff by organizing seminars and other training dedicated to modern teaching methods and innovations in science and pedagogy at the university level; 
• Providing the admission of enrollees; 
• Contributing to the development of the student’s personality, providing social and psychological support to each student and encouraging the development of students’ professional qualities. Building partnerships with Oil and Gas companies and other financial organization which represent prospective investors in KBTU students’ education and employers for the KBTU graduates. Distribution and redistribution of available grants and company scholarships among students Assisting in students’ internships and job finding;
• Collaborating with business partners, consultants and other stakeholders in order to improve the marketing activity of KBTU;
• Realizing the University Policy and Aims in the field of quality.


The OR responsibilities:

• Proposing the regulating documents of KBTU regarding the OR activity;
• Preparing the reports, letters, decisions and other information regarding OR activity;
• Developing annual plans and reports of OR activity, proposes them for approval in accordance with the established procedure;
• Conducting other activities allowed by the laws of Kazakhstan and KBTU internal regulations.


Sector of methodological work:

1) Providing methodological help to the departments in developing bachelor degree course programs (syllabi, course descriptions etc.);
2) Providing the specialties of KBTU with common state standards in education of Kazakhstan Republic;
3) Collecting the information about planning and producing publications of the department;
4) Organizing the activity of educational and Methodological Board of KBTU.


Sector of student registration: 

• Coordinating students’ registration for the disciplines and creating a personal timetable for each student;
• Monitoring the process of signing the individual student plans;
• Gathering information about students’ individual and academic details;
• Controlling the process calculating the students’ GPA;
• Controlling the “Students” registration database;
• Providing methodological and practical help to the faculty members in using the software and the “Office Registrar” system;
• Collaborating with KBTU IT department in order to develop the software and the Office Registrar system;
• Colleting the exam session records;
• Systematizing the results of the exam sessions, preparing the exam session reports in accordance with the form №34 and sending them to the Ministry of Education of the Kazakhstan Republic;
• Maintaining the records and reports of student mobility and directing this information to the Ministry of Education;
• Keeping accounts of available grants;
• Controlling the exam session for students who got the ‘I’ mark. 

Sector of academic issues: 

• Planning the teaching and learning activity in KBTU in collaboration with the faculties and departments;
• Coordinating the fulfillment of academic calendar;
• Controlling the process of planning and fulfilling the teachers’ workload in accordance with the established credit technology regulations;
• Keeping record of laboratory and room facilities of the university;
• Providing the room facilities for classes, exams, office hours, students; individual work;
• Providing prompt one-time provision of free classroom fund upon request;
• Developing the schedule for bachelor students;
• Checking the calculation of the teaching load of the departments and proper distribution of the load among the teaching staff;
• Checking the actual fulfillment of the teaching load of the departments;
• Distributing classroom fund for master degree studies;
• Informing the department about the registration of students for disciplines;
• Applying changes to students’ registration at their request during the add / drop week;
• Developing the schedule of baccalaureate exams;
• Distributing classroom fund for state exams and of the work of State Certification Commission in the field;
• Updating the information about the department members and teachers working at bachelor programmes in the OR database;
• Monitoring the condition of multimedia equipment in the classrooms.


Graduates Career Center

• Searches for business partners among the organizations working in the same field as the specialties of KBTU, making contacts and cooperating with these organizations for the purpose of internships and other training at the production facilities of companies;
• In collaboration with the faculties, conducts negotiations and organizes other work necessary for signing agreements of partnership with the companies providing internships (including long-term contracts);
• Organizes and carries out, jointly with the graduating departments and structural subdivisions of the University lectures, seminars and workshops dedicated to the topic "Strategy of development of their careers.";
• Together with the faculties, organizes and conducts presentations of enterprises and organizations, and other activities contributing to the organization of the professional internships of KBTU students;
• Organizes and conducts presentations and other activities contributing to the employment of students and graduates ("Job Fair", etc.), and attracts companies and organizations to participate in these activities;
• Establishes contacts with companies and organizations and cooperates with them in order to provide employment for the KBTU graduates according to their expertise, contributes to the process of signing job contracts between the employers and the university alumni;
• Participates in the presentations held by the sponsoring companies to establish partnerships, in cooperation with the faculties;
• Collaborates with consulting companies and recruitment agencies on job placement of graduates of KBTU;
• Searches for sponsoring companies - large industrial, oil and financial companies, establishes contacts and cooperates with them on the subject of financial assistance to KBTU students via scholarships and grants, full / partial tuition and personal scholarships;
• To work with companies on the allocation of sponsorship (targeted) funding: companies’ grants for training KBTU students, funds for scholarships (scholarship grants), etc;
• Organizes and carries out work on the provision of benefits on payment of fees, and the appointment of scholarships;
• Participates in the work of the other committees to address the above-mentioned issues. Carious out the activities connected with gathering necessary information for the Commission for awarding scholarships: recommendations, selection and appointment of scholarships provided by sponsoring companies for KBTU students;
• Organizes and carries out work on the transfer of KBTU students to state educational grants provided by the Ministry of Education.


Database Sector:

• Carries out data input in DB of the automated system of Office of the Registrar on a bachelor`s degree;
• Does the arch and the analysis of the results on students` registration for disciplines of a semester;
• Provides faculties of the University with information on students and teachers from the OR base;
• Takes over an entrepot, storage and maintaining students` personal records;
• Makes orders on changes of the student's contingent;
• Provides with various forms of documents on strict reporting (forms of diplomas, academic references, transcripts etc.);
• Carries out monitoring on entrepot, storage and issue of various forms of documents of a state template (forms of diplomas, academic references, transcripts etc.).


Service of Medical Control and Prevention:

• organizes and performs annual routine medical examinations of students;
• participates in developing and taking medical actions on the results of medical examinations;
• defines students who need a dietary food;
• generates a comprehensive plan of actions for improving conditions of educational process, internship, decrease in incidence, injury prevention and disability among students;
• arranges anti-epidemic events, preventive inoculations, reveals and isolates infectious patients, examines the persons who were in contact with the infectious patient, in due time informs bodies of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance in accordance with the established procedure;
• promotes a healthy lifestyle and organizes sanitary work among students together with departments, dean's offices and the sector on extracurricular work;
• carries out arrangements for training students on administering first aid to the victims of accidents.


Empowerment of Office of the Registrar:

• to request and receive documents and materials that are necessary for performing tasks and implementing functions assigned to OR from structural divisions of KBTU;
• in coordination with the management of KBTU to involve employees of structural divisions in carrying out arrangements organized by OR according to responsibilities assigned to it; • to participate in profile conferences, seminars and councils of the university and its divisions concerning the activity OR;
• to come up with proposals to the management of KBTU for improving educational and methodical work of KBTU divisions;
• if it is necessary to initiate working meetings, to organize working groups on the issues which are within the competence OR and to participate in other meetings on the activity of OR that are carried out at the university; 
• to closely cooperate with enterprises on KBTU profile, higher educational institutions, international organizations, NGO for effective implementation of its goals; 
• to perform other activities within the competence of OR defined by current Provision, other regulations and decisions of KBTU management.


Responsibilities of Office of the Registrar: 

Office of the Registrar bears its responsibility for an appropriate performance of assigned tasks and functions provided by current Provision including the following: 
- quality and timely performance;
- correctness and completeness of performing delegated powers;
- quality assurance and requirements of QA;
- timely information of KBTU management about exercising assigned functions. 


Cooperation with other Structural Divisions: 

In the course of undertaking its activity OR:
- interacts within its powers with other structural divisions, affiliated organizations and partners of KBTU, sponsors and organizations granting scholarships, and also with governmental bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and individuals; - agrees on drafts of statutory documents concerning the activity of OR with the management of interested structural divisions and administrative staff of the University; - in cooperation with the management of the University OR involves employees of KBTU structural divisions in arranging activities which are organized/carried out by OR and that demand a participation of other structural divisions.

Sabanbaev Mukhtar Myrzahanovich
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Panabekkyzy Bereke
Deputy Head
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