Kazakh-British competitiveness center



The Kazakh-British Centre for Competitiveness (KBCC or Centre) was launched 2 April 2015 as a partnership between Henley Business School at the University of Reading and the Business School and IT Faculty of the Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU). The full staff compliment with the director Ewan Simpson, dean of the KBTU Business School, was appointed in April 2015. In 2018, Gulzada Shakulikova, the Vice-Rector for academic affairs of KBTU, became the head of the Centre.

KBCC contributes to the deepening and expanding of the role of competitiveness in Kazakhstan in research, action and policy. The work of KBCC is informed by the theory and practice of competitiveness that positions competitiveness as instrumental to sustainable economic development. The role of KBCC through research, education, training and business and government action is to work to develop a culture of deepened market empowerment in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Institutional engagement through action-oriented programmes and business-engaged research underpin all the actions of KBCC. In doing this, KBCC works incrementally to develop the competitiveness agenda with key actors in civil society including academia, business, not-for profit organisations and government, concentrating on socially-engaged research and action in both urban and rural areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Economic prosperity is created by successful co-operation, dialogue and innovation in partnership between the private, public and third sectors.

General Provisions

The Kazakh-British Centre for Competitiveness is a subdivision of the JSC "Kazakh-British Technical University". The Centre is headed by the director appointed to the position and released from the position by the order of the Rector of KBTU. The Centre reports about its activities to the Vice-Rector for Graduate and International Programs.

The Centre is guided by:
- the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- the Charter of KBTU;
- orders, regulations, decisions of KBTU authorities;
- the policy and the aims of JSC KBTU in the field of quality, other documents on a quality management system of KBTU;

- documents of the system for professional safety and health management (SPS&HM) of KBTU;
- the Centre regulations, other internal documents of KBTU.

The full name of KBCC in Russian is "Казахстанско-Британский центр конкурентоспособности", in abbreviation – “КБЦК”; in English - "Kazakh-British Centre for Competitiveness", in abbreviation - KBCC.

Main objectives

The Centre's objectives are as follows:
At the first stage – the promotion of the intellectual project which will be focused on competitiveness, local development of content, cloud computing and other ways of stimulating knowledge transfer through ICT in a chain of power value and business, being the central themes of the development in Kazakhstan. In dynamics - defining, developing and updating the research program, which will support the development of Kazakhstan’s competitiveness. Developing a research potential that will propel forward the principles of competitiveness in Kazakhstan by providing researches, training and consultations. Developing educational and training programs and projects to support the development of competitiveness in Kazakhstan.
Cooperating with educational groups and organizations, companies and governmental, non-governmental institutes and multilateral agencies on development to strengthen the competitiveness. Synergies between research, education, business and society.
Scientific and educational works in the field of competitiveness.


The Centre performs the following functions:
Establishing a network of competitiveness;
Running the educational programs of business and society;
Assisting the professional development of top-managers of KBTU;
Developing the information centre for competitiveness;
Running an entrepreneurial and innovative program;
Rendering business consulting services to the organizations;
Holding seminars on research and training consultants by means of programs of professional development of top managers of interested organizations. Developing electronic leadership and electronic qualification framework for Kazakhstan to educate and conduct trainings to leaders and experts in the new world economy. Developing curricula and supporting the master program with the focus on interrelation between competitiveness, business and technologies. Establishing partnership between the University and the local and foreign universities on the academic cooperation issues. Defining strategic issues concerning the prioritized and perspective directions of the university in the international area. Inviting teachers and lecturers from foreign higher education institutions to conduct guest lectures, master classes and short-term courses in KBTU. Coordinating the work of KBTU on developing, signing and using agreements in the sphere of international cooperation. Coordinating with the faculties and schools of KBTU on implementing working plans to strengthen the process of internationalization and increase in internal academic mobility. Organizing international events, conferences and official visits. Ensuring participation of the university in the international rankings. Creating a corporate platform for entrepreneurs’, businessmen’ scientists’ and students’ communication that is necessary for the development of the new companies in Kazakhstan;
Increasing literacy of students in the field of innovative projects' commercialization. Producing KBTU draft standards regarding the Centre’s activity, their approval in accordance with the established procedure. Preparing reports, letters, resolutions, and other information about the Centre's activity. Developing annual work plans and reports on the Centre's activity, their approval in accordance with the established procedure. Performing other functions, provided for in the RK legislation and regulations of KBTU.


The center has the right:
To request and obtain from KBTU subdivisions the documents and information necessary for the Centre to perform its functions and exercise its authorities. To interact within the Centre's competence with the third-party organizations on the questions related to the competence of the Centre. To bring forward the proposals to the supervising vice rector concerning the increase of the Center's work efficiency .
To initiate and undertake, on behalf of the University, international activities in the following areas:
- to send teachers and students to short/long-term business trips and on training to the foreign organizations and higher education institutions;
- to invite foreign experts to give lectures to the students of all levels;
- to establish scientific connections with foreign higher education institutions;
- to accept students from foreign higher education institutions for training within the frames of a partnership agreement;
- to develop and implement educational programs of various levels in cooperation with foreign higher education institutions;
- to carry out any other activity in the field of international cooperation.


The center bears responsibility for fulfilling its objectives and functions, stipulated in this Provision, including the following:
- quality and on-time performance;
- correctness and effectiveness of the granted rights use;
- fulfillment of obligations in the area of quality, QMS and SPS&HM documentation requirements;
- promptness in notification of the University management about the progress of performing the assigned functions.

Gulzada Shakulikova
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