The Department of Human Resources and Legal Affairs

The Department of Human Resources and Legal Affairs –is a structural subdivision of Kazakh-British Technical University JSC.


Main goals:

• Creating a high-performance complex system of human resources management at KBTU, providing regulation of the complete spectrum of personnel matters (hiring and recording, personnel rating, professional development, attracting foreign specialists, etc.) on the principles of legality and effectiveness;
• Organization of effective legal and documentation support of KBTU activities in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and KBTU bodies’ decisions;
• Ensuring the effective interaction of KBTU with the mass media (press, television, etc.), creating and maintaining the positive image of the University in covering KBTU activities in mass media.



To achieve the goals the Department carries out the following functions:

• Drawing up labor relations, concluding contracts with the KBTU staff, reception and delivery of documents, maintenance, storage of personal files and service records of the employees, monitoring of working time, etc;
• Preparation of orders on the staff, registration and storage of such orders;
• Keeping records of qualitative and quantitative composition of the KBTU employees, preparation of required reports on these issues at the request of the KBTU administration, public bodies, KazMunaiGas JSC, other organizations;
• Formation of the nomenclature of the KBTU files;
• Maintaining the KBTU archive, issuing archival information;
• Performing necessary actions related to the legalization of the stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan of foreign specialists and students of KBTU: obtaining / renewal of the authorized state permits on hiring foreign labor (FL), conducting activities on validation / recognition of the FL documents on education, visa support, registration of passports, submission of documentation and reporting on the FL, etc;
• Carrying out the established procedures for recruitment, organization of the competition to fill vacancies for positions of scientific and pedagogical staff of KBTU. Conducting activities on assessing the effectiveness of the KBTU personnel in the order set by the KBTU normative documents;
• Preparation of annual plans and reports, other reports on training and professional development of the KBTU employees;
• Legal support of the University and KBTU bodies, Sole Shareholder, Board of Directors, Rector;
• Representation of KBTU interests when dealing with legal issues and government agencies, courts, and other institutions;
• Drafting and / or legal expertise of KBTU regulations and agreements concluded by KBTU with third-party organizations / individuals;
• Organization of the KBTU records keeping: registration of KBTU incoming and outgoing mail, delivery of letters, documents to the structural units and officials of KBTU, sending outgoing correspondence;
• Ensuring the execution of the University records management in accordance with the rules laid down in the Regulations on KBTU Record Keeping, monitoring of the meeting the requirements of the Regulations on KBTU Record Keeping by the University units, holding respective instructions;
• Development of draft production orders on KBTU activities, their registration and storage;
• Organizational support of the KBTU administration meetings (drawing up and circulating the agenda, taking the minutes, registration and storage of the minutes and resolutions of the University administration, etc.);
• Organizational support of the activities of the reception offices of the Rector and other members of the University administration;
• Interaction with the media on covering KBTU activities in the media, participation in the University advertising and PR campaigns;
• Collection, registration and storage of printed, photo and video materials about KBTU, rendering assistance in order to facilitate the effective use of these materials for promotional purposes, publication in the media, shooting commercials and documentaries about KBTU;
• Cooperation with state bodies and organizations in the city of Astana on the organizational issues of the KBTU activities;
• Development of the KBTU normative documents on the activities of the Department, submitting them for approval by the KBTU bodies. Preparation of reports, letters, opinion letters, other information on the activities of the Department;
• Development of annual schedules and reports on the activities of the Department, submitting them for approval in due course;
• Carrying out the Rector’s instructions, other functions stipulated by the RK laws and the KBTU normative acts.