International department

International Department of KBTU is a division, which, in the first place, deals with KBTU compliance with international standards, improving the international criteria of the University and the development of international cooperation of KBTU and its recognition in the world educational space.

The priory goals of the International Department are:

• KBTU sustainable integration into the world educational process and the ranking system of universities

• Establishing international cooperation for the University and its units

• Conducting work to improve the international competence of the teaching staff, as well as improving scientific and methodological potential.


Core functionality of the International Department includes:

• Development and implementation of policies and goals of KBTU in the field of quality;

• Control, development and improvement of the quality management system;

• Improving the competitiveness of KBTU at the national and international levels;

• Preparing KBTU for entry into the global universities ranking system;

• Creating measures to ensure compliance of training and educational programs at KBTU with international standards and criteria of international accreditation;

• Coordination of activities undertaken to establish contacts and cooperation with foreign partners of the University, including the organization of international conferences, seminars, symposia, etc.

• Conduction two diploma programs of KBTU and international student exchange programs;

• Working with partner universities of KBTU.