Exploitation and economical department

General Provisions
Operational and Utility Department (hereinafter - the Department) is a structural subdivision of JSC "Kazakh-British Technical University" (hereinafter KBTU or University). 
The Department is headed by a director appointed and dismissed by order of the Rector of KBTU.
In its activities, the Department takes instruction from the pro-rector on General Issues.
In its activities, the Department is guided by:
- The current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- KBTU Charter;
- Orders, regulations, decisions of KBTU bodies;
- Policy and objectives of JSC "KBTU" in quality, other documents of the quality management system of KBTU;
- Documents of Management System of Occupational Health and Safety of KBTU;
- the Department Regulations and other internal documents of KBTU.
Main Objectives
The Department is to fulfill the following tasks:
Maintaining uninterrupted functioning of the educational building of KBTU in terms of electricity, energy and water supply.
Maintaining vital operational communications in the educational building.
Maintaining adequate sanitary conditions in the educational building and the adjacent territory.
Economic activities on the functioning of the educational building of the university.
The Department performs the following functions:
It provides utility and maintenance of the educational building of KBTU in accordance with the requirements of occupational health and fire safety
It controls the correctness of operation of technical and municipal equipment and systems, carries out their maintenance logistics.
It ensures correct operation of elevators, lighting, heating, ventilation, water supply, sewerage, telephone, etc. If a malfunction occurs, the department is to fix it shortly (if possible) or call for specialists from service organizations.
It organizes and controls for major and current repair works in the buildings and premises of the school building and dormitories KBTU, and also water supply, sewerage, heating and lighting KBTU.
It organizes the technical operation of KBTU car fleet (control over vehicles entry and exit , issuing of waybills, maintains vehicle inspection and insurance, registration and deregistration of vehicles, etc.).
It provides the cleaning and maintenance of premises (including washing, ironing, cleaning of soft furniture), technical facilities, common areas, courtyards, surrounding areas and green spaces. Monitors the quality and timeliness of the cleaning services.
Together with a specialized organization has been working to ensure the proper condition of the fire safety of the building.
It ensures the timely submission of applications for contracts for utility and maintenance of the building (heating, water and electricity, lift maintenance, cleaning services, etc.).
It provides the necessary technical and economic maintenance activities carried out on the basis of KBTU.
Ensures the development of normative documents, reports, letters, annual work plans and activities of the Department 
It performs other functions provided by the laws of Kazakhstan and regulations KBTU.
The department has rights to:
to request and receive from the structural units of KBTU documents and information necessary for the performance of its functions 
Interact within the competence of the Department with external organizations on issues related to the competence of the Department. 
Propose ideas to the supervising vice-rector on improving the effectiveness of the organization of work of the Department.
Perform emergency cut off of light, heat and water in certain cases.
Have access to the offices, classrooms, laboratories and other facilities in the educational buildings of KBTU in the prescribed manner.
The Department bears its responsibility for fulfilling the objectives and functions prescribed by this Provision including the following:
- qualitative and urgent execution of tasks;
- correctness and completeness of exercising delegated powers;
- meeting commitments in the field of quality and requirements stated in the documents of Quality Assurance, Professional Safety and Health;
- due notice of administrative staff of the University on fulfillment of assigned functions;
- providing buildings of the University with heating, water- and electricity supply; 
- a proper sanitary and hygienic condition of rooms in educational buildings of the University and in the adjacent territory; 
Interaction with other structural divisions
In terms of implementing its activities the Department:
- interacts with other structural divisions of the University and provides a necessary information;
- approves drafts of designed regulatory documents concerning activities of the Department with the heads of interested structural divisions and officials of the University;
- in coordination with administrative staff of the University involves employees of KBTU structural divisions to implement the arrangements that are organized by the Department and that require a participation of other structural divisions.