Mission and strategy

KBTU considers its mission to provide high-quality education for future leaders in business and industry, to promote innovative technologies and research in the most advanced and perspective areas of science for the benefit of the region and the country as a whole.

The strategic vision of the University is to promote the ideals of academic excellence, scientific progress and national well-being, to maintain the status of an undisputed leader in the field of technical and business education.

The major goals and ambitions of the university are the creation of a scientific and educational center with highly qualified scientific and pedagogical potential and a developed modern material and technical base, the development of a dual vocational training, training of highly qualified specialists who have professional and personal competencies with emphasis on financial, power-generating sector, spheres of high and information technologies and the maritime industry.

In order to achieve the above goals the following strategic objectives objectives that reflect the mission and vision of KBTU have been set:

• to provide high-quality educational services in accordance with national and international educational standards;

• to implement advanced international educational technologies, to attract academics and experts with vast professional experience and foreign practice;

• to develop and introduce innovative solutions, scientific developments into prioritized branches of economy;

• to gain the status of a world-ranked, internationally accredited and recognized research university;

• to have exemplary infrastructure that integrates science, education and industry;

• to carry out personnel policy and professional development of academic teaching staff (ATS);

• to strategically plan and improve the administration system and policy of quality based on the modern principles of management;

• to secure sustainable interconnection between university academic, educational, creative, research and production divisions.