Dear Global Citizens, 

Every day from my office windows I look at the stunning Tia Shan Mountains - and think how lucky I am to be in the beautiful city of Almaty. If you are reading this - it means, like me, you are interested in world class education. I am fortunate to work at a truly international university of the 21 Century that is located in the heart of Eurasia, Kazakhstan. Ours is a peaceful multicultural country where people of 120 ethnicities have been living in complete harmony. Kazakh people are very warm and hospitable. They have welcomed me and they will welcome you...!

You are on our website so you know I work at Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU), the number one technical university and Economic School in Central Asia and we also have a top business school. Some interesting facts:

  1. All our courses are in the English language.
  2. Our teaching staff is from 70 international cultures. Our students come from many countries. They all are part of one big family and Community—The KBTU Community. We always welcome new members to our diverse and dynamic Community.
  3. We have eight schools where world leading professors and professionals teach and train students. Many of our professors have done their PhDs from top Western universities.
  4. One of the world’s best universities, the University of London and its famous institution London School of Economics (LSE) are our partners.
  5. Our fees are designed to create access to world class education for people from Central Asia.
  6. Every year KBTU students go to London for 6 weeks to attend the Summer School at the London School of Economics.
  7. Students earn credits, which are added to their credit score. With our School of Economics degree students are eligible to enter world top universities such as the LSE, Oxford, Cambridge MIT and Harvard for further studies.
  8. Our Business School programs have ACCA and CIMA accreditation – the first to hold the both in Central Asia. Our MS in Financial Analysis is recognized by CFA – the only program in Central Asia with Affiliate status. We have the first fully integrated Bloomberg Professional Lab in Central Asia.
  9. KBTU (Business School) is the only affiliate of Harvard University Microeconomics of Competitiveness Center in Central Asia
  10. Students at our unique Maritime Academy go to the Netherlands during their study as our maritime degree is accredited by the British and Dutch Maritime Academies. They spend time at Sea and learn new knowledge and skills from international professional staff at the Dutch Maritime Academy.
  • Global opportunities: don’t be surprised; several of KBTU IT school graduates have found jobs in the Silicon Valley, California, USA. They also work for facebook as engineers in Europe. Our mathematics and cybernetic programs are very advanced and of course we specialize in oil and gas and chemistry fields, while our school of education offers very interesting relevant courses.

KBTU offers the highest quality double degrees and accredited programs that help students find careers in the field of their choice anywhere in the world. Employers in Kazakhstan and Central Asia trust KBTU and always seek our graduates. Ninety eight percent of KBTU students find jobs within 3 months after graduation. They are contributing in the economic growth and development of Kazakhstan and also in other countries.

KBTU could be your key to success. We very much welcome international students and looking for mutually beneficial partnerships and exchanges; please come and be part of the KBTU Community as a student and receive the best British education, live in our state of the art dormitory and experience the Kazakh culture.

Prof. Muhammad Sheraz, Vice-Rector for Internationalisation