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Business school Conference: ‘Competitiveness and Development’
11 апреля Бизнес школа
Business school of KBTU

Thursday 13th April 2017 - 09.30-18.00 at KBTU (VIP Hall)


The KBTU Business School Centre for Competitiveness Conference will showcase our current research and our international partnerships, presentations will include:

  • Cluster Mapping and National Development Strategy, Dr Janet Tan, National Cheng-Chi University, Taiwan, ROC and  Harvard Business School Microeconomics of Competitiveness Network
  • The World Management Survey, Daniela Scur, Nuffield College Oxford

Faculty research presentations will include:

  • Public Private Partnerships in Kazakhstan
  • Firm Profitability & Management
  • SMEs - Key Success Factors
  • Knowledge Competence & SME Development
  • Government Sponsored Education Abroad: Impact on Entrepreneurship
  • Rethinking the Transport and Logistics System in Eurasian Economies
  • Attitudes to Money: Business Students in Central Asia

KBTU Business School student research presentations will include:

  • Multinational Enterprises and Social Innovation in Kazakhstan
  • Learning Styles of Students and their Influence on Academic Performance
  • Factors Influencing Social Spending in OECD Countries
  • How Involvement in Household Chores can Influence Academic Performance



Madina Subalova