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Chemical technology of Organic Compounds
Specialty 5B072100 - "Chemical technology of Organic Compounds" with specializations: • Chemistry of Oil, Gas and Coal; • Technology of Petrochemical Industries. The period of studying of all specialties is 4 years. Educational aims: Bachelor degree of "Chemical technology of organic substances" specialty allows to receive a professional knowledge and engineering skills in the following areas: - Modern chemical technologies of hydrocarbon, mineral and raw materials refining into the desired products, reagents, and new functional polymeric materials; - Chemical engineering, oil refining and petrochemical industries for the production of organic compounds, polymers, organic synthesis products, lubricants and special technological liquids, surface-active substances and other targeted products; - Development of flow sheets for chemical and petrochemical industries; - Chemical materials science, nanotechnology, and management of chemical plants. Content of educational programs: The learning of all required volume of the theoretical course of studying is the main criterion of completion of the educational process by students; also full implementation of the individual work and the curriculum in accordance with the requirements of SS: The development of at least 128 credits of the theoretical course, passing training and evaluation, industrial practices, passing the State exam on the history of Kazakhstan and the specialty, the preparation and defense of the graduation project. Career: We graduate a professionals for future who know how to solve engineering and scientific problems, and they are highly demand in the labor market of Kazakhstan among national and international oil companies such as: NC "KazMunaiGas”, “Prospectingand Production KazMunaiGas”, “TengizShevroil”, “Atyrau Oil Refining Plant”, “Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant”, “PetroKazakhstanKumkolResources”, JSC “CNPC-AktobeMunaiGas”, JSC “AgipKSO”, “KarachaganakPetroleumOperating”, “TalgarDistillery”, JSC “KazTransOil”, “Halliburton”, “MaerskOil”, “InterGasCentralAsia”, etc. Our graduates are successfully work in a various enterprises of the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, research institutes and laboratories, design organizations.

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