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MS in Supply Chain and Project Management (On-Campus and Distance Learning)

The MS in Supply Chain & Project Management program provides a state-of-the-art education that enhances students' knowledge and experience and prepares them for successful careers in various areas. The program is designed for graduates entering the industry and professionals currently working but desiring to enhance their skills and qualifications.

The program offers two specializations: Project Management and Supply Chain Management. The program partners with globally recognized international institutes and draws international faculty with high academic qualifications and global professional experience. Along with the On-Campus program, we offer Distance Learning opportunity which is uniquely suitable for students who live or work out of Almaty. It is the only program in the CIS region seeking the Project Management Institute (PMI) accreditation.


The program offers two specializations: Project Management and Supply Chain Management. Both specializations weight equal in terms of degree requirements. They differ in specific courses offered unique to a domain of either project management or supply chain management. Refer to unique Indented Learning Outcomes of the program, degree requirements and courses descriptions for more details on the two specializations. Prospective applicants must select one of the two specializations when applying to the program.


The mission of the Master of Science (MS) in Supply Chain & Project Management program is to provide students with best practices, knowledge and skills necessary for their successful career in supply chain and project management business domains. This is achieved through a blend of practical and academic multi-disciplinary approaches to learning.


To serve its mission, the overall goals of MS in Supply Chain & Project Management program are:
• to prepare professionals who can effectively manage supply chains and projects to increase business performance of organizations in Kazakhstan and the region;
• to nurture in our students the highest level of integrity and ethics and an understanding of their critical importance for their professional domains.


To achieve its goals, MS in Supply Chain & Project Management program seeks accomplishing the following focused objectives:
• Knowledge: Equip students with fundamental concepts, theories, principles, and best practices of Supply Chain and Project Management fields and professions necessary to increase performance of businesses operations in a changing environment.
• Solving & Thinking: Develop critical and analytical problem solving and transferrable skills for effective decision making and dealing with increasing uncertainty in complex business chains and projects.
• Path Breaking & Implementation: Develop path breaking and implementation process skills which are based on inter-disciplinary and issue-based learning for their effective application in students’ professional domain
• Integration & Environment: Nurture in our students the core competencies, ethics, social and professional responsibilities for successful managing of teams, changes, risks, cultural diversity, communication, cooperation and for effective interaction with stakeholders in their professional domains.


At the successful completion of MS in Supply Chain & Project Management program, graduates will be able to demonstrate:
Common ILOs:
• Proficiency in core principles, techniques and culture of modern project management approached in a chronological order of a project life cycle;
• Proficiency in core principles, basic techniques, and culture of modern supply chain management and business operations with their importance for effective management of organizations
• Proficiency in analysis of business environment and issues, using quantitative and qualitative tools as well as information technology, necessary for effective management of projects and organizations;
• Undertaking of supervised consultancy and research, involving the synthesis and application of theoretical constructs to topics in the field of student’s professional domain, with a specific focus on Kazakhstan and Central Asia;
• Thorough understanding of ethics and professional responsibility and business communication tools required for student’s professional career.
Unique ILOs (Specialization – Project Management):
• Advanced knowledge in utilizing project management tools and techniques especially for scope development, schedule and cost estimation and control, risk and quality management, and contracting;
• Knowledge of strategic planning and finance concepts and how it relates to and overarches the management of projects;
• Advanced knowledge of project management process groups and knowledge areas as defined by the Project Management Institute, also necessary for seating for PMI’s certification exams.
Unique ILOs (Specialization – Supply Chain Management):
• Advanced knowledge in utilizing tools and techniques necessary for sourcing, strategic selection and purchasing of goods and services important to an organization;
• Knowledge of strategic planning and finance concepts and how it relates to management of supply chains;
• Advanced knowledge of transportation and international logistics in international trade and global economy by applying various modes of transport given their geographic perspectives, stressing regional specificities of key logistics complexes.


• Study and work concurrently – Integrating your experience and widening your business horizons
• Eligibility for students and alumni to apply for student and professional membership of the Project Management Institute (PMI)
• Knowledge & skills necessary to take exams for global professional certifications (like CAPM®, PMP®, IPMA Levels, PRINCE2®)
• Save up to 1000 US dollars in preparing for the above professional certification exams


• KBTU is the 1st university in Kazakhstan to install Bloomberg Professional, a global platform for real-time data and analytics used worldwide by business professionals for investment opportunities.
• The Bloomberg Financial Lab’s main goal is to help our students, faculty and researchers advance in the field of finance, economics, supply chain and project management using real-life cases, actual data and advanced analytics on global financial markets, macroeconomics, and companies all over the world.


Language of Instruction and Duration: English, 16 months
Delivery Mode: On-Campus: Evenings 3 times a week + Full Saturday; Distance Learning
- 10 months (9 courses)
- 6 months (Internship consultancy and Research project courses, Comprehensive Exam)
Starting Date: September , 2018

Tuition Fee (Full program):: 1 520 000 – 1 900 000 тенге*

*Grants and discounts are available to candidates with strong application and KBTU graduates / employees


The program consists of 6 core courses (270 contact hours), 3 specialization courses (180 contact hours); Internship consultancy course, Research project course and Comprehensive exam (all three 12 credits). The program total: 42 credits.

Core courses

Course Title Credits
Core courses (both specializations) 18
Project Management 3
Supply Chains & Operations Management 3
Business Analysis & Planning 3
Management Information Systems 3
Business Communications 3
Business Research Methods 3

Specialization Courses

Course Title Credits
Specialization – Project Management 12
Specialization – Project Management 4
Strategic Project Management & Finance 4
Professional Body of Knowledge 4
Specialization – Supply Chain Management 12
Procurement & Purchasing 4
Supply Chain Strategy & Finance 4
Transportation & International Logistics 4
Internship consultancy course 4
Research project course 4
Final exam comprising: 4
Comprehensive exam 1
Thesis writing & defense 3
Total: 42


MS in Supply Chain & Project Management is an interdisciplinary program that enables you to cross different sectors and industries and position yourself in roles in specialist areas like Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Logistics & Transportation, Sales & Marketing, Engineering & Development, Contracting and Procurement, Operations Management, Risk Management, Project Finance and Facilities Management.

The demand for Supply Chain and Project Management specialists, especially those with a graduate degree in the field is growing rapidly as more organizations are adopting project management approaches and are being involved in complex business chains. Recent industry studies by PMI, IPMA and CIPS reveal that salaries and career opportunities of such professionals are also increasing.


STEP 1 (July , 2018 )
Submit the required set of documents to the Admission Committee:
• Filled out application;
• Notarized copy of Higher Education Diploma (the original of the Diploma and Transcript);
• Identification Document (copy and original);
• Resume;
• Motivation Letter (no more than 500 words);
• Two Letters of Recommendation in English (or with English translation);
• Medical Reference №086-У;
• Copy of the Work Record Book or other document for proof of employment history;
• Notarized copy of IELTS (6.0 or more) or receipt for Foreign Language test payment. This test is organized by the Ministry of Education and Science and usually is scheduled between August 10-15;
• 6 photos of 3×4 cm.

Subject Examination / Interview
Admission of Successful Applicants

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Целью программы является подготовка экспертов, которые будут способны качественно управлять товародвижением, чтобы трансформировать работу в Алматы и КР. Учащиеся могут совмещать обучение логистике с работой. Студентам и выпускникам предоставляется возможность получить профессиональное членство в PMI и получить знания, которые нужны для того, чтобы сдать сертификационные экзамены. Программа разработана на основе лучших практик и стандартов PMI. Обучение проходит полностью на английском языке, рассчитано на 13 месяцев. В программе 4 базовых, 8 профильных курсов, а также практика, исследовательская работа и госэкзамен.