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KBTU Business School was founded on the network principle – the belief that in today’s interconnected world, the best way to deliver quality is through partnership ...

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1362 - graduates the last 10 years
361 - students study at BS
3 MBA programms
2 Specialized Master Programs
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Gavin Kretzschmar
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13 April
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20 September
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KBTU Business School is well known among young professionals in Almaty and other cities of Kazakhstan. It is that very starting "step" that helps to build a brilliant career and to achieve success. The MBA Programs of Kazakh-British Technical University are aimed at training promising leaders, well-versed in global economic and business trends and able to manage the businesses of all sizes - from start-ups to large international corporations.
And all this can be learned in just 15 months! Our Business School in Almaty (Kazakhstan) allows you to get advanced knowledge on specialized and integrated subjects, make useful contacts, gain experience working on international projects and learn from the best. And this is no exaggeration. KBTU Master's and Bachelor's MBA programs are conducted by highly skilled professionals from Great Britain, the USA, Canada, and Kazakhstan. And all the curricula of our MBA courses are authoring and do not have analogues.

KBTU Business School provides a double diploma

To study abroad (in the UK, Barcelona or other European cities) is a "golden dream" of many people in Kazakhstan. But the implementation of the idea requires considerable financial investments. KBTU MBA Business School will cost ten times cheaper and at the same time it will provide an education that is highly rated abroad. It passed the ACBSP international accreditation. The students of our Business courses can get two diplomas: a KBTU diploma and a certificate of completion of one of the partner universities (Swiss Geneva Business School or British University of Northampton).

MBA Business School: modular-sized programs in English

KBTU MBA Business School is aimed at training specialists of international level, who are able to work successfully all over the world. Therefore, the business education at our educational institution is given in English. Due to this, our graduates have no problems with employment and can apply for positions at leading international corporations. Business training at KBTU enables to combine study with work. Programs are built on a modular principle (each module lasts for 2-3 weeks, after which there is an exam) and classes are held on weekdays in the evening. It is important that our MBA Business School provides not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical, applicable skills. KBTU graduates attend workshops and master classes held by international experts; participate in conferences organized by our partners; take part in real projects; undergo training at leading companies. More than a thousand young professionals from all over Kazakhstan have received MBA education at KBTU since the foundation of the faculty. And now many of our graduates make up the business elite of the country and successfully work at the best national and international companies.

MBA Education at KBTU is represented by six unique programs

Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs at Kazakh-British Technical University give the opportunity to study Business, Finance, Management, and a number of other professions that are in demand today, such as, for example, Human Resources Management in the Oil and Gas sector or Project and Supply Management. We have six author curricula, so a suitable profession can be found for everyone. MBA programs require passing the Unified National Testing and mastering English at a proper level (confirmed by the IELTS certificate or the results of diagnostic testing). You can ask all questions regarding the admission to the KBTU MBA School by calling the phone numbers given on the website or leaving us an electronic application. Do this today and may be very soon you will be among the students of Kazakh-British Technical University!