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International relations

Affiliated universities

University of London

In 2009, KBTU received the status of "Affiliate Center", of the University of London. The University of London is one of the oldest and largest multidisciplinary universities in the UK. It consists of 12 colleges and 10 specialized research institutes. Due to its status as an "Affiliate Center" KBTU students are able to obtain a degree from the University of London, which is part of the University of London. LSE has a great reputation, thanks to its connections in the world of politics, business and law. As of February 2009, about 32% of past and present heads of state of Great Britain studied or taught at LSE; 28 members of the House of Commons of the British Parliament and 42 members of the House of Lords also have studied or taught at LSE.

Harvard Business School

In 2011, KBTU became an official partner of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School, meaning that all the students of the KBTU's Business School have the opportunity to take the course 'Microeconomics and Competitiveness' (MOC), designed by world-renowned Harvard professor Michael Porter. KBTU is the only university in Kazakhstan, which has entered into the partnership network of MOC (MOC Affiliate Network). Harvard Business School, in turn, holds first place among the list of American business schools, published in the U.S. News & World Report, and third place in the global, Financial Times publication list. Consistantly in the top ten list of US and global business schools, it is one of the six business schools in the "Ivy League" of universities.

Double Degree Programs

London School of Economics and Political Science

Due to the status of "Affiliate Center" with the London University, graduates of the Faculty of KBTU International School of Economics (ISE). KBTU receive a KBTU diploma and a diploma from the University of London, signed by the Vice Chancellor of the University of London. All the teachers and learning processes in the ISE faculty have been evaluated and approved by the Quality Assurance board, of the University of London. LSE was founded in 1895 as a division of the University of London. It is a member of the elite "Russell Group" , which includes the top 20 universities in the UK.

Geneva Business School

Undergraduate students of the Business School are given the opportunity to receive two diplomas: a KBTU Diploma and certificate from one of our partner universities - the Geneva Business School (Switzerland) and University of Northampton (England). To do this, students must go through three years of training in KBTU and one - in Switzerland or England. For graduate students, there is a double diploma program with the University EADA, Spain.

Student Exchange Programs

On KBTU international exchange programs, student can take one or two semesters of study in well-known universities in the UK and the US, such as the Henley Business School, University of Reading, University of Northampton, Boston University, the largest private university in Poland - Kozminski University, Technical universities in Korea and Malaysia, and more than 20 others.

Foreign teachers

• 42 full-time foreign teachers from USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands

• More than 30 invited foreign teachers each year (UK).